I am back! And I miss Internet

Mmm…. I’m back. I guess nobody realized, but I was away for a few weeks. Mentally, I mean. So, no vacations or fun, but the opposite. Well, when you’re a student, you must make some sacrifices, and naturally, Internet is the first one.

I miss my website and my online friends. I do know this sounds lame (a bit?), but it’s the fact. Sure, I miss my offline (real life) friends and family, that goes without saying. And it’s, well, normal. The Internet thing is a bit weird, I guess. I think I might be addicted to Internet, just a little bit.

So, I miss:
Facebook. Yes, Facebook. I miss silly games which (occasionally) make your computer freeze, block and restart (examples: YoVille, FarmVille, MyFarm). I miss the silly game that originally made me a Facebook fan: (fluff)Friends. There’s a new art competition. I might send a few of my works. I miss the people. I miss sending Gary silly Oldman.

My friends’ websites. And I do mean on Invisible-Movement.net here, though I’d love Iva to make something about her personal website. And her collective. Yes, you know what I mean. I want ****shittes. I want them now! And I love visiting other people’s sites, too.

Go.info forum. I miss the ladies, and I miss the Oldman news (see above). I miss playing “character of the day” game, or whatever is called. I miss getting Norman Stansfield as my result. And Dracula. And oh, Drexl. One mustn’t forget about him.

My websites. I have so many ideas, I want to work on my new layout. And to finally put a layout for my fanlisting collective!

Internet in general. Especially all the pointless, silly, weird websites you can find out there. Here. You get the idea.

Ok, I guess all this doesn’t really make much sense… It’s more of a “real” diary entry than a blog post… I guess it didn’t make sense to most of the readers (if there are some), sorry about that. I do my best to avoid confusing entries, but sometimes I fail miserably.

PS- I’ve just heard the news… R.I.P. Karl Malden (Mladen Sekulovi?). He was 97.

7 thoughts on “I am back! And I miss Internet

  1. Mariana

    I noticed that you were away and I missed you. =** Yeah the internet silly things are soooo addicting but you passed on the exams and that’s the most important thing. It’s good to have you back. I’ll take a look on the comment thing on my blog I’m terrible with the layout things, you must have noticed that I use a random layout from a site. LOL xxxx

  2. Mira Post author

    Iva: Nije zaboravljen apostrof, nego se nije ucitao, jerbo mi je charset sjeban :( Cu da pokusam ponovo.

    Mariana: I love your layout. It’s ok about the comments, no big deal, I was just pissed because I had to log in (and to actually remember my password) to post a comment.

  3. Susan

    I miss the internet too!! Not having my own ‘puter is really making me crazy! I can’t write whenever I want to, and I’m at the mercy of others’ connections. Our broadband has been misbehaving lately so I haven’t been able to do my usual Facebook stuff and for things that need to be done every day, I know they’re falling so far behind that I’m losing all I’ve gained :( :( Silly to really care about such virtual things, but they contribute to my general happiness, and not being able to do them naturally makes me sad. Glad you’re back – no need to worry about not keeping up with me :) I’m not like that :) I still like you :) :)

  4. Sigg3

    The internet missed you too!
    I even planned a wherethefuckisjefflion.net website, but I didn’t have the cash. Takin ovah my new flat today! Yeah!

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