“Harry Potter 6″: Darker, slower, boring, epic

My review of “Half-Blood Prince”.

I must point out I’m more than a casual Harry Potter fan, and while I hate excessive movie changes, I’m not a purist in any way. In other words, I don’t care whether Harry (SPOILER!) kissed Ginny in a common room or library. Or similar details.

Naturally, I watched all of the previous HP films. Of course they don’t do justice to the books, but I managed to be entertained anyway. However, my number one complaint was that the films always lacked all those “little details” we all loved. There was just plot plot plot. Not in “Half-Blood Prince”. Oh, no.

“Half-Blood Prince” was all about the atmosphere. This fact was sometimes used for nothing. They still made so many changes and so many details were missing, but for the first time, they included many unnecessary scenes that didn’t have anything to do with the main plot. I always thought I’d love that approach, but I must admit it was…. Well, boring. The first 2/3 of the film is exactly it- boring. Nothing happens. Nothing. Ok, something does happen. The whole hour or so is dedicated to teenage angst and relationship between Ron and Lavander, Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny and Harry, Ron and that chick who made love potion. Those scenes were cute, but man, they absolutely didn’t deserve as much of a screen time! At the end, we didn’t really see (SPOILER!) Harry and Ginny dating and breaking up, which was, more or less, the whole point of that segment of the story in the book 6.

On the other hand, the plot itself was nowhere to be found in that first hour (hour and the half?) We did see a bit of Tom Riddle, but those scenes, while memorable, were too quick. We didn’t really learn anything about him, and I always thought (correct me if I’m wrong), Tom Riddle’s history was the whole point of the story before the “big plot”.

And yet… And yet I liked it. I can’t help it. It had something unseen in the previous films, a unique, darker setting and different atmosphere. And still, that atmosphere (with the help of slow pacing), allowed us to feel characters for the first time. Honestly, this was the first time since the beginning of the series I could really connect with the characters, be it Harry, Hermione or Dumbledore. Daniel Radcliffe’s acting abilities are still nowhere to be found (can that boy cry in a scene????), so I guess it’s due to directing.

Also, “Half-Blood Prince” is visually stunning, better than its predecessors. And when I say “better”, I don’t mean on technology, but the atmosphere. Camera shots, lightening, everything was perfect to set up an epic atmosphere needed for this film. It was good. And since we finally got a plot in the last 1/3 of the film, I’d say it was a nice experience in overall.

Thumbs up: Michael Gambon, Alan Rickman, Jim Broadbent, cinematography, more details, the whole tone of the film
Thumbs down: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, teenage romance & angst, slow first hour
The best scene: Harry and Dumbledore standing on a rock at the sea
The worst scene: All involving “romance” (Hermione crying, Ron in hospital, etc)
WTF of the film: Draco looks like Eminem
Rating: *** out of *****

4 thoughts on ““Harry Potter 6″: Darker, slower, boring, epic

  1. Fiona

    Me and brother couldn’t stop laughing at Daniel Radcliff the whole way through the film. Especially when he drinks the felix felicis (the luck potion). It was like he’d taken cocaine! lol. Yeh I was bored for most of the film but some moments actually scared me. lol @ the draco/eminem thing btw

  2. Erin

    When you really think about the movie, I agree that it is pretty boring. Nothing very significant seems to happen for a lot of the movie. (But maybe that’s like real life – most of the time, nothing really happens… and occasionally something big does.)

    However, I really enjoyed it too. I thought it was a fun experience. Because it had been four years since I read the book, I also didn’t compare them the whole time. I feel like these movies are not about thinking or comparing – it’s all about the experience.

    And yes, thumbs up to Alan Rickman and Michael Gambon! And I think there also needs to be a thumbs down for Bonnie Wright. All of the Harry/Ginny scenes were cringe-worthy.

  3. Mira Post author

    Fiona: Yes, there were some scary scenes. I actually liked the film (and I hated “Order of the Phienix” … but watched it for 5+ times because of Gary Oldman).

    Erin: You’re right about Bonnie, I totally forgot about her! Nothing against the girl, but I didn’t feel chemistry between her and Radcliffe (not that he can show some to anybody). But I don’t think it’s all her fault, it’s not really easy to play such a character. She is a 100% Mary Sue and it’s hard to make her believable.

  4. Mariana

    I was really concearned thinking that I was the only person that liked that movie. I agree with you about Daniel’s acting, he’s terrible. And yes, the details are missing and the whole movie is about getting to know Voldie’s past and that doesn’t happend. Somehow I liked the movie too.

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