Finally, the moment you’ve been all waiting for (or not): Jefflion has a new layout and a new WordPress theme! It took me a while, but I’m finally here. Hope you like the new design and it will hopefully make me blog more.


It’s interesting to note that this is only the second layout in the website’s 5+ years history.  It’s obvious I don’t really like to change layouts/designs often, but the old one was outdated and with deprecated code, AND the WordPress theme didn’t have widgets and other fine stuff. So I figured it was a perfect time for change.

This is a work in progress. I still have some work to do, so please be patient. It’s possible to encounter errors, design elements overlapping, missing files, 404 pages and other problems. I’m working on it.

Also, there is still some serious work to do, namely:

Updating the pages (personal, goodies, domain, etc.) Most of them are horribly outdated and last touched years ago. I need to sort this out and make additional content.

Add credits (for icons, vectors, base code, etc.)

Responsive theme. At the moment, this WP theme is not responsive (meaning: it looks crap on tablets and mobile devices). I should work on it.

Fixing layout problems. I tested the theme in major browsers and it looks presentable (or semi-presentable) in most, but there are sure some issues I need to deal with.

Other stuff: fixing other minor problems.

But all in all, this is it and I am happy to present the new layout & WP theme. I do hope it will make me blog more often; the lack of updates are inexcusable!

Hope you like the new theme (and that it works for you. If not – drop me a line).


5 thoughts on “ Redesign

  1. Alee

    Great new design. It actually reminds me of your old one, but more modern…You should update your widgets and links!

    “Responsive theme. At the moment, this WP theme is not responsive (meaning: it looks crap on tablets and mobile devices). I should work on it.”

    I’m on my phone (HTC) and your theme looks fine here and loaded quickly. And trust me: I so hate websites that aren’t optimized for tablets and smartphones, so if yours wasn’t, I’d tell you!

  2. Alee

    Oh, one question: why is there two of each gravatar near the comments? One big, one small?

  3. Mira Post author

    I’m so glad to hear everything looks fine! Yes, I should update my links, but widgets are up to date!

    The two gravatars thing is a glitch – apparently, I have two graatar codes installed on the site (or something like that). I should remove one (when I figure out how), but I kind of like the two image effect. :P

  4. Alee

    Lol, yes, I was wondering if it was part of the site design. I think it’s pretty cool too! :)

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