Weird website search

What’s considered to be a “weird website search” is highly subjective, but ways people find this site are sometimes pretty strange.

Not to mention there’s nothing- I repeat: nothing here that would be useful to people searching for, say, “Gary Oldman gay pictures”. Yes, that was an actual search. And no, I have no idea how “they” got here, since, well… You get the idea.

Some of the more interesting recent searches:

  • “edward and bella” “lack of chemistry”
  • frusciante “social situations”
  • Gary Oldman gay pictures (Is there something I should know about?)
  • twilight forest scene
  • my life is awkward mira mira
  • buva can i see you?
  • jacob rape hard core twilight (Didn’t you mean: “Edward rape”?)
  • black guys do it right
  • jeff ament sexy
  • freckles dark hair (Really? Me too)

10 thoughts on “Weird website search

  1. zek j evets

    try doing google image search and seeing what keywords buzz what pictures.

    for instance, “hard core rape” yields images that are strikingly similar to “hard core rap”. or that “fanatics” gets you either angry muslim men or soft-porn.

    the strangest is “george bush is a monkey” vs “obama is a monkey”. apparently people think bush is more monkey-like than obama, despite racial-slurs.

    other good searches include oxymorons, like “vast minorities”, or “funny maps of the world” which have some interesting perspectives of the continents.

  2. Mira Post author

    Welcome to my site :)

    Thanks for the tips! I love this kind of humor… I mean, research.
    Not that I don’t have anything more important to do…

    Another good source of “lulz” is Google suggestion game, which can actually be used for some serious anthropological research (about stereotypes, human stupidity, etc).

    Google images
    True, there are many Bush monkey pictures. I also remember the whole website dedicated to the subject (, I think?)

    Also, I tried Google images for those search results. I must admit “Gary Oldman gay” ones were pretty interesting, though not in a way you might think. And first picture for “black guys do it right” is one of Obama.

  3. Mira


    Are you referring to “Gary Odlman gay photos”? Yes, that was a real search, and yes, it led them to this site. I have no- and mean NO- idea how that happened.

    But do search for “Gary Oldman gay” on Google images- there are pretty interesting Photoshop manipulations (no sexual content, though) of Gary’s photos.

  4. Mariana

    *painful not because I’m a gay hater. I just don’t like to see beautiful guys kissing each other. For me is like a beautiful man waste. For me, as a woman but other guys

  5. Mira

    -Buva can I see you (Buva means “flea” in Serbian, which I sometimes use, so I guess that’s how they got here).
    -jacob rape hard core twilight (This is an obvious one- someone wants to read naughty Twilight fanfiction. I added “Didn’t you mean “Edward rape”, because, well, Edward seems much creepier than Jacob. Oh, wait… Jacob is a pedophile.)
    -Black guys do it right (I had no idea how they got here, or what exactly they mean by “do it right”).

    The point is, people find this website- just like any other website- with all sorts of weird searches. Sometimes I can’t even tell why my site came as a search result, since I obviously didn’t write anything about one of my favourite actors being gay. (Did I?)

    And that Jim Gordon/Flanders picture is hilarious!

    Gary photo manipulations:—1876.asp

    Oh, and about gay scenes… “Prick Up Your Ears” is my favourite Gary movie. I simply love it, and he was amazing. I didn’t find his sexy times in the film disturbing or boring, quite the opposite- the one kiss he shares with that guy in the apartment is probably the hottest movie kiss I’ve ever seen.

    So yes, there must be something wrong with me. (But hey, at least I can understand male obsession with lesbians).

  6. Mariana

    I understand male obsession with lesbians but I don’t undestand female obsession with gay guys.
    Maybe there’s something wrong with me.


  7. Mira

    No, I think it’s pretty normal. I do think I am the weird one here. I am not into gays (well, they don’t turn me on, lol). But I did notice I don’t mind watching when otherwise straight guys are getting a bit too friendly (only on film, not in real life).

    Remember, men are not really turned on by real lesbians- just porn movie ones. They do know these women are at least bisexual, they do know those girls like to sleep with men. But they’re just being naughty with other girls. I think men find this teasing sexually attractive.

    So I don’t like to watch Elton John snogging his husband (wife?), but I must admit I like Gary in PUYE, and his passionate, passionate kiss with that young guy.

    I guess there must be something unusual about my sexuality, since I don’t know many (any?) woman who feel like me.

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