5 songs I like against all odds

MikaI’m not your regular music geek, but I am some sort of music obsessed. Mostly rock music.

The irony: I am untalented for singing or playing (not that I don’t try to play bass guitar from time to time), and I am definitely not one of those people who can name every single obscure alternative band from the 80s. Alternative rock (whatever than means exactly) is great, but I don’t have any problem admitting my passion for more “mainstream” stuff, too.

But when I look at my playlist, I do see it’s mostly rock music- some sort of it. As if other genres don’t really work for me. Another thing I notice is the lack of music created in the last-what? 10 years or so. Yes, I am getting old and I can’t stand modern popular music. Apparently.

And yet, there are some songs that I like, against all odds. I try to resist the urge to actually feel ashamed because of it. Only one of these songs could be somewhat categorized in the rock subgenre (perhaps), and most are recent. Some of them are quality songs, but not in a genre that usually gets my attention. Other clearly lack substance, but were overplayed and catchy enough to make an impact.

Right Here, Right Now (Fatboy Slim)

It was a smashing 1999 hit. To my knowledge, this is the only Fatboy Slim song I really liked.

Why this song? I must admit, it’s not so much for the song- it’s the video. I consider this video to be one of the best ever created. It’s certainly my favourite. It must be noted this was the only time I liked the song because of the video.
Why is this surprising? I am not into this kind of music… Whatever “this kind” might actually be.

Sky (Sonique)

Wikipedia defines it as “a trance-house song by singer and DJ Sonique”, released in 2000. It was a big hit where I live, but for some reason people in general don’t seem to remember it.
Why this song? “Oh I wanna touch the sky I wanna fly so high / Oh I wanna hold you I wanna love you tonight”. It’s too catchy to resist.
Why is this surprising? It’s not particularly surprising, considering the fact that I like to dance, even as this clumsy. I do feel rhythm inside me. But I am not usually impressed with this type of songs.

Ya Soshla S Uma (t.A.T.u.)

Yes. That one. Russian (and, I believe, original) version of “All the things she said”, created in 1999. Remember these energetic fake Russian lesbians? (Fake lesbians, not Russians). And yes, their music is too catchy to even make sense. Their Eastern European accents are clearly touchable when they sing in English. They sound better in Russian.
Why this song? Because of the atmosphere at one moment in the song. And yes, that’s about all.
Why is this surprising? You’re kidding, right? Do I really have to explain?

Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)

Yes, they were a rock band… Technically. But I never considered them as such. This song was impossible to escape in 2003. It’s not that I was ever overly impressed with their music, or even the lead vocalist, but out of all the crap that was out there at the time, this one stank a little less than your average Britney Spears song.
Why this song? This damn thing was catchy and impossible to escape.
Why is this surprising? Because even with Amy Lee’s voice and electric guitars here and there, this song (or band’s work a s whole) never managed to make me believe they are a rock band (I have the same problem with Bon Jovi).

Relax, take it easy (Mika)

Seriously, people. We need more quality vocalists in popular music. And Mika is such a great singer, he could make me listen any sugar-high-pitched-song there is. And this one is actually memorable enough. That being said, I hate remixes.

Why this song? Because it’s actually a decent song. Perhaps the best on this list, sung by a really good vocalist. And it makes me feel calm, yet excited.
Why is this surprising? I prefer deeper voices. I don’t particularly like when a man sings that high: apart from concern for well being of his testicles, I can’t really enjoy the velvet beauty of a baritone.

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10 thoughts on “5 songs I like against all odds

  1. Mariana

    I liked t.a.T.u and I agree with you, they sound better in Russian. I must say that when I watched Dare Devil in the theatre many ears ago I was dying to know who was singing those “amazing” songs. That’s how I found about Evanescence. This Mika song is also really nice, but I like Stuck in the Middle better.

  2. Mira

    Well, Mika can sing. He’s probably one of today’s best singers, it’s so refreshing to have somebody like him (even though I don’t like when men sing that high). Too bad I don’t really like his songs and that type of music.

    “Evanescence” had an opportunity and, perhaps, tools needed to become a good band. Amy Lee can sing, and some of the songs were enjoyable. Still, they did seem to lack any substance. That band sounded like a typical quick-cash-shallow pop attraction, rather than a rock band. What makes “rock music” rock music is not electric guitar and heavy drums, but substance. And substance often means at least a basic form of thinking, frustration, opposing, rebellion and attitude against crap. None of that is present here. Same goes for Bon Jovi, I am afraid. They had a few catchy songs, but I never found myself lost in their lyrics or music.

  3. Mariana

    I love Bon Jovi. I admit I can listen to almost their whole dicography, not that they don’t have awful moments, like Lost Highway for exemple. I don’t know what to say, I’m crazy about late 80’s and 90’s hard rock.

  4. Mira Post author

    Hey, it’s not like I never listen Bon Jovi. There are some songs I like. But for some reason, this band is more of a “guilty pleasure” to me.

    I admit I like many bands that are sometimes considered to be crap. But some music simply makes me think, and feel, and think again, and it inspires, it gives amazing pictures, profound thoughts, ramble of energy- and some doesn’t. Bon Jovi never made me feel that way. But they’re still 100 x better than most of today’s pathetic excuses for rock music.

    Seriously: give me a decent band that appeared in the last 10 years. The White Stripes? Even they formed in late 90s.

    I prefer early 90s (and some of the late 80s music), with selected classics of 60s and 70s.

  5. Mariana

    The problem isn’t the 90’s but 00’s! The 2000’s were really, really shitty!

    I could list some bands – some that I like, some that I don’t – that really defined the 90’s. Some of them were formed in the late 80’s but they were in the top during the 90’s.
    You can get all those grunge bands, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and so on… Also the pop-rock bands like Couting Crows and Foo Fighters. And the depressive british rock bands (that are my fave) like Radiohead (Tom York was really revolutionary, Oasis, Blur and The Verve.

    Everything had it stardom in the early 90’s. Almost everything that was “born” after 1995 sux. But here comes something from the 2000’s that I like: Artic Monkeys.

  6. Mira Post author

    I do think 00s music sucks a big time. I do try to look at this problem from an objective perspective: perhaps the music seems shitty because I am getting old. After all, older people consider my favourite music to be pure crap.

    But then again… I don’t really think it’s the case. Music of 00s (well, you’re right: most of the things born after 1995 suck).

    Artic Monkeys are good example, though. I do think there are great bands of today, but most of them are 100% alternative and virtually unknown to anybody except their best friends. They do have Internet, so maybe I should start searching for good music made by the unknowns. They are my only hope for 00s (and today’s) music.

    I do like grunge (both original late 80s and mainstream early 90s)- that’s my first choice when it comes to music. I also like 80s ex-Yugoslavian rock, it was the best music time for region where I live. I also appreciate classics of 60s and 70s. On the other hand, I am not a hard core music geek and there are so many, so many less known musicians and bands I never heard of. From your list, I can say I really like The Verve, but not Oasis, while Radiohead and Blur are great, though I don’t listen them regularly.

  7. Mariana

    I can’t agree with you when you say that music is shitty because you’re getting old. I’m younger than you and I do think that 00’s music is shitty, my brother is younger than me and he thinks just the same.

    I believe that it depends on what do you have in your head. lol

  8. Mira

    I was trying to find a logical explanation. Many older people I know (who were teenagers in 60s, 70s, 80s) despise the music I like (and consider good)- early 90s rock. So I guess it could be the similar thing now.

    But yes, you are young, and your music taste seems to be different than usual 00s teenager, so I guess my theory is flawed.

    Maybe we should face it: 00s sucked musically.

  9. Mariana

    My father almost hit me when he saw me listening to Led Zeppelin (which he had lots of LP’s) he said that I should listen to music from my own age. He’s really fond of new bands and sometimes he finds good stuff – which I simply don’t like because I prefer good old fashioned rock’n’roll.

    Lucky you because you never listened to pagode, axé or brazilian country music. If you have then you’d have sure: the 00’s sucks musically.

  10. Mira Post author

    Well, I’m glad your father can find something entertaining in 00s music, but hey, it’s not like you have to distant yourself from the good stuff just because you were born after 1980. :)

    The worst music known to man is Serbian folk of the early 90s. I can’t even describe the horror. Luckily, it’s so absurd that today it simply makes you laugh.

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