I’m a flexitarian

I’ve been a flexitarian for several years now, but I didn’t know that there is an actual NAME for people who don’t like meat, who eat meat rarely and who can eat only specific meat (since everything else makes them sick). Okay, that’s me.

Of course, I never considered myself a vegetarian of any sort. How could I be a vegetarian? I mean, I do eat meat from time to time. In fact, I do believe that our metabolism requires meat, at least small quantity of it. There are strong evidence that meat diet was one of the things made us what we are (during evolution of hominides) and no other type of food can successfully substitute it.

However, I don’t like meat; most of the time, the very smell of it makes me sick and I do sympathize with all those animals who’re slaughtered so I could survive and be healthy. I refuze to wear leather clothes or any other material that requires killing of an animal. But, like I said, I’m not a vegetarian.

Which brings us to the subject of “flexitarianism”. Excuse me, but what the fuck is that? Yes, I know what it IS, but does everything has to have a name? Does everything needs to have a catchy name to sound more appealing to shallow fancy people? You know, you can’t just say: “Oh, I rarely eat meat”. You have to keep that mysterious look and say: “I’m a flexitarian” (make sure to stare at people when you say it).

7 thoughts on “I’m a flexitarian

  1. Victoria

    I didn’t realise there was a word for that either. I only really eat chicken, turkey and beef (and very rarely pork) and I don’t like other meats such as bacon or ham so I suppose I could qualify as a flexitarian.

  2. saya

    wow..someone like me! I don’t hate meat, but I’m fussy when it comes to eating it. I keep thinking “this is a animal”.

    Never knew that it had a name, and a very odd one at that.

  3. Iva

    Verovatno se i ja uklapam u ovo, jer mrzim sve nenormalne komade mesa (tipa, povratila bih ako neko jede papke ili mozak), a u životu ne bih jela divlja?…

  4. Mira Post author

    It looks like there are many flexitarians around TEH world. Maybe we should start a club or something.

  5. Sigg3

    I think the correct term is “picky”.

    And, in a wider context (which involved yours truly as well); spoiled.

    In Darfur they served meat every, single day. It was actually better than the frozen pizzas I gorge at home.

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