The best sites for bored people

You’re online, but bored? You tried everything, but even is boring? Fear not, there are plenty of other quality sites. That is, if you don’t just get away from the computer and do something productive (socialize, for example).

These sites are great if you’re not really into playing games, reading blogs or chatting with other geeks Internet people. Also, to really appreciate their beauty, you have to be interested in the popular culture (and all of its forms) and decide to fight your boredom with some more serious stuff (I’m referring to top two sites here).

Note: Don’t expect any surprises here. You’ve heard of all of these sites. But since I’m their regular visitor (more or less), I thought it would be nice to show I’m a fan. And yes, it goes without saying- most (if not all) of these sites are highly offensive.


There are many quality “fail sites”, and this one is hardly any original or the best. However, it’s my current fail site of choice.

There’s a lot of rubbish there, but you can find gems such as “when will I get my period-I’m a boy” (just a mild example). The beauty is in the fact we all know people make these things up to amuse/confuse others, and yet, we all like to pretend the questions are genuine.


4. The Uncyclopedia

The once sharp and irresistible Uncyclopedia somewhat lost its charm, undoubtedly due to the fact anyone can edit it- even people with no sense of humor. Still, it’s a nice place to hang around, and the bonus is non-English content, that deals with local issues (at least in Serbian case, those local articles are one of the best).

Highly recommended articles: AAAAAAAAA!, HowTo Write a Progressive Rock Song, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Oscar Wilde, Twilight (book).

Link: The Uncyclopedia

3. Encyclopedia Dramatica

In lulz they trust.

They do. While Uncyclopedia is just a harsh parody of Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica takes one step further by focusing mainly on Internet phenomena. Not only that, but they do take lulz pretty seriously and do their homework. The site is also highly offensive and gross at times all the time.

Highly recommended articles: My Immortal (trust me), Internet celebrity, Twitard, Rule 34, TL;DR.

Link: EncyclopediaDramatica

2. Cracked

We’re getting serious now. How to describe Cracked’s seriousness and awesomeness in one paragraph? Impossible. It covers basically everything, but their articles (and lists) on movies are the ones I enjoy the most. It’s probably the best site on this list, and the only reason it isn’t on the top is because the number 1 site exists.

Highly recommended: Everything.


1. TV Tropes

I bet you didn’t see this coming (did you?) Seriously people: TV is probably one of the best sites on the Internet. It’s so fucking awesome that it’s unbelievable. Definitely my favourite site of the moment.

TV Tropes are dedicated to tropes (elements) in various works of fiction (mainly TV and films, but the site offers plenty of examples in other media). Yes, it’s simple as that. Which basically means it cuts, explains, analyzes, deconstructs, reconstructs every single element in a work of fiction you can think of, and hundreds more. And it does in a witty, yet incredibly entertaining kind of way.

What I love about tvtropes is the fact it can help me with my writing in so many crazy ways. Yes, I know it sounds cheap, but it’s the truth. The site is more serious than it seems (or exactly as serious as it seems) and offers short and to the point explanation behind a trope or a phenomenon. The only problem with this website is the fact it’s incredibly addictive. You can surf it for 5 hours straight and still crave for more. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Highly Recommended: Everything. Every single thing on this website is precious. But here are some of my favourites: Narm, It was his sled, IKEA Erotica, Ruritania, Uncanny Valley, Fan Fic.

Link: TV Tropes

4 thoughts on “The best sites for bored people

  1. Mariana

    You read my mind… I am often in front of my pc and nothing else to do. This will save me from being bored to death. I only knew the Uncyclopedia and I have alredy lost “a few” hours with it.

  2. Julie

    Haha, I’ve been to some of those sites. They are awesome. Other favorites of mine are people of walmart and awkward family photos. They crack me up.

  3. Mira

    Sorry for my late reply… My Internet is problematic these days.

    Glad to see you here! Cracked is funny, but their approach is serious (I think). Well, most of the time. TvTropes rule, though.


    Welcome! I’ve never heard of “peaople of walmart”, I must check that one out!

    I hope you had fun with these. It’s addictive!

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