10 random things I find annoying

In no particular order, really…

  1. Action movies (and romance movies for that matter).
  2. Political correctness.
  3. Chick lit.
  4. Certain words.
  5. Money.
  6. Shopping.
  7. Cultural elitism.
  8. Politicians.
  9. Liam Gallagher’s voice.
  10. Writer’s block.

Your turn.

12 thoughts on “10 random things I find annoying

  1. Vladimir

    1. Bugs.
    2. Muddy and wet snow.
    3. Muscle inflammation.
    4. Rap and hip hop music.
    5. People who can’t be serious even for a second.
    6. Too many unfinished duties.
    7. Automatic-played music when entering a website.
    8. When I don’t have inspiration when I need it
    9. Neverending babbling
    10. Weapons.

  2. Sigg3

    I think your list items are rather unspecified.

    “Action movies”? What does that mean? I always think the labels put on films are wrong. Most thrillers are “only” good action movies, and the best “horror films” are really thrillers.

    Just my 2c. But now I see that your list is “random” and so my point is moot:)
    I’ll post my answer on s3 site.

  3. Mira


    Dobrodosao na moj sajt :)

    Lista ti nije losa, mada meni bube ne smetaju (iako znam jednog tvog imenjaka koji ih se grozi).

    Ako hoces da razmenimo linkove, samo javi, ja cu te dodati na blogroll. Samo reci da li hoces osnovni sajt da dodam ili samo blog.


    Yes, this was random. I felt like updating my website but didn’t have enough time for a longer and more meaningful post.

    Strange, I thought “action movies” are self-explanatory.

    Will take a look at your list and comment on sigg3.net!

  4. Mariana

    Ok… I hate action movies. When my bf makes me watch things like Fast and Furious I feel like my brain is melting. In the other hand I like romantic movies. lol Political “Correctness” and politicians annoy me to death. Money doesn’t annoy me but the lack of it drives me crazy.

    My list (not in a specific order)

    1. Militancy
    2. Funk / Pagode and Brazilian country music, esp. when my neighboors are listening to it and I’m trying to study or sleep (luck you that have never heard things like this)
    3. Heat
    4. Beautiful, but stupid people
    5. Discussing race / religion and other “polemic subjects”
    6. Being hungry
    7. When my clothes don’t fit me
    8. When a movie doesn’t comes out in the theatres in my city (or stays only a week)
    9. crowded buses
    10. waking up at 5:50 a.m.

  5. Mira

    Evo, dodajem :)

    Nazlost, charset na sajtu nije podesen kako treba i ne rade nasa slova (cisto da se ne cudis sto neka nije prepoznao).

  6. zek j evets

    1. people who say “i don’t mean to be a [blank]” and then act like one.
    2. unnatural hair-color with natural-colored eyebrows.
    3. leggings as pants.
    4. yellow cars.
    5. anyone who says “hella” or “like”.
    6. door-to-door bible-pushers.
    7. broken URLs.
    8. hair on my clothes.
    9. when public transportation runs late/takes forever.
    10. loudness in the morning.

  7. Mira

    @zek j evets

    People who say “i don’t mean to be a [blank]” and then act like one say that because they are very well aware that they’re acting like [blank].

    We already agreed on leggings as pants.

    And #9 is my reality, so complaining about it is useless.


    No prob, mate!

    In case you were wondering about Serbian, I welcomed Vladimir, exchanged links with him and complained about charset I can’t properly set.

    And it is really silly for me to answer Serbian (or any ex-Yugoslavian) person in English.

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