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So, I decided to upgrade WordPress, because I was bored. No, actually, this site was a bit slow, and “they” promised it’s gonna be much faster with 2.5.

Good news: it IS faster. And I managed to upgrade it in 3 minutes or so, without any crap, errors, messed code and similar beauties.

Bad news: I really don’t see any super-new features (pere-pegla-puši features as we say here). Same old crap, but editor, aka wp-admin looks nice. But hey, at least it’s fast. That all I wanted.

PS-I’m still addicted to last.fm. That’s (like) the most amazing (like) site in teh univerze! (LOL!)
Who knew.

10 thoughts on “WordPress upgrade

  1. Mira Post author

    As far as I know, just deactivate them before the upgrade, and activate them again. You probably have to upgrade a few plugins, but that’s not much of a problem.

  2. Sigg3

    Whoops, wrong post. Tabbed browsing made me do it. Anyway, just let me congratulate you on your new design it’S TOTALLY AWESOME AND 100% LIKE THE OLD ONE HOW DO YOY DO IT?! Wow. What a feat!


  3. Mira

    My new webbie is, like, teh best, LOL! I just work very hard, Lol!

    PS- Pusi is (well, was) adorable! I remember I wanted you to ask about her a while ago, but I just forgot (lol?) She looks a bit like my Bella (RIP), though Bella was a hamster. In case you want to see a picture of her mating with Vito, here it is:


    Just for the record, Bella was Vito’s first “wife”, and Ellie (who died a week ago) was his second wife and mother of his two sons. Yes. I absolutely love hamsters. LOL.

  4. Ashley

    It took me a while to get used to WP’s new admin panel, but it’d slowly sinking in.

    I love last.fm. I’ve had mine for a couple years now, and it’s quite addicting.

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