On Facebook and Fluff Friends

I know I don’t look like a person who loves Facebook (because, well, I am NOT a person who loves Facebook), but I really like Fluff Friends application. Or, should I say: I used to love it, before all those greedy teenagers started spending real money on pixel unicorns and foxes.

That sucks, because most of the original fun of the game has gone now, and the only point of the application is to collect as many limited edition items as you can. (And to sell them later for even more gold). Blah.

3 thoughts on “On Facebook and Fluff Friends

  1. Iva

    Slažem se…kad smo poslednji put videli pravo takmi?enje, ili nešto prikladno za ceo svet, a ne samo Amere?

    I neki od tih tinejdžera imaju preko 40 godina.

  2. Mira Post author

    Zar imaju??????? 0_0 Ja sam sve mislila da su to klinci rodjeni posle 1990. godine, koji trose mamine i tatine pare. Auuuuu…

    Ja bih bas zelela neko “starinsko” takmicenje tipa fluff art ili, jos bolje, nesto gde ne mozes da varas. Mozda iznenadna dodela nagrade za PROSLA dostignuca, tipa, osobe koje su dale najvise poklona/habitata/minisa/hrane u poslednjih 6 meseci. Da odmah budu nagradjeni ti ljudi, a ne da se kaze da od sada krece takmicenje, pa svi pokupuju glasove (placam, 5 zlatnika da glasate za mene) i slicno sranje.

  3. Susan

    Dang! I wish I had read this post before I left my previous comment about Facebook. I still enjoy (fluff)friends, but I’m probably one of those people you think has ruined it, even though I’m not a teenager any more (and wouldn’t want to be, neither). I don’t onsell items for as much as I can get, though. I get some of the bonuses for “investment” purposes, for those times when I can’t be online enough to make petting profitable (or just to break even), but usually I undercut the current price… oh, look, here I am trying to justify my insanity. I’m sorry. I’ll stop now.

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