I’m back! Meanwhile: The Oslo shooting and Amy Winehouse’s death

I’m back! It was fine, considering it was a forced vacation and all. I also went cold turkey on the Internet: I missed it terribly the first two days or so, and then less and less. Now I’m back and I don’t feel the need to go online. I guess I’m cured! (Ha! Not really! But I promised my husband I’ll try to spend less time online).

And some serious things happened while I was away, namely, the Oslo shooting and Amy Winehouse’s death. Both things are somewhat related to my country, in not a pretty way, which makes me pissed off (to say the least).

Turned out that the lunatic responsible for the shootings was into Serbian history. Ok, not really. Just like Hitler misinterpreted famous philosophers and historians, this…. individual did it with certain aspects of Serbian history and culture to suit his needs. Apparently, his manifesto is full of it. Needless to say, we’re quite pissed off here right now. Once again, we’re made to look like the bad guys, and everybody’s more than ready to believe it/accept it.

As for Amy Winehouse… I’m not really a fan of all those RIP posts; it’s a tragedy and it deserves more than a random blog mention. I liked her voice, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan of hers. Still, I am familiar with her work and I do think she was a good singer. Also, I feel bad for noticing she is the newest member of the 27 Club. I hate when I notice those things; the last thing we need at the moment is drawing attention to some kind of a popular culture belief. And how is her death related to Serbia? Turned out her disastrous concert in Belgrade was her last. And some people are already selling the tickets to the concert on eBay for about 1000 Euros. Go figure.

So, that’s it for now. I missed you guys, and I missed the Internet (there, I said it). But not as much as I thought I would. (Not you: I did miss my online friends; I just didn’t miss Internet itself that much).

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8 thoughts on “I’m back! Meanwhile: The Oslo shooting and Amy Winehouse’s death

  1. Alee

    We missed you! Never go away again.

    And *side-eye* to those people trying to cash in on Amy’s death.

  2. Mira

    Thanks, Alee! It means a lot! :)

    It’s sad all this about Amy. But I am not really surprised. (I’m not talking about her death, but people’s behavior after it).

  3. Sigg3

    And please do not call it “a shooting”. This was not a desperate kid’s suicide mission. It was a carefully planned political terrorist attack from the extreme right (anti-islamist).

    It’s too idiotic if we follow George Bush’s meme: “Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims.”

  4. Mira

    I don’t get it. Do you think the word “shooting” is too weak and tame for what happened? Would “attack” describe it better?

  5. Sigg3

    @Mira: Yes, it was a terrorist attack. 100 people were targeted for their political engagement.

    The guy didn’t just kill random people. He killed them because of their political affiliation.

    (Thing is, the media and the right-wing is spinning this to be akin to a ‘school shooting’ and not terrorism, beause it would shatter the world-view that terrorists can’t be white. Of course, you and I remember differently with the plane hijackings in Germany and whatnot, but young ones of today don’t.)

  6. Mira

    The whole thing is just sick, and I can imagine the way it’s now used for political purposes. That’s why I stopped watching news a while ago.

    Oh, and I know about the “terrorists can’t be white” thing. I didn’t know it was used here.

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