Gary Oldman gets an Oscar nomination!

Gary Oldman is one of the greatest actors in the movie fucking history. No, don’t argue. This is my blog. And it’s kind of, well, fact. He’s the only actor who can make me watch even the shittiest, crappiest movie out there (and sadly, there are many of the kind in his filmography). He’s so good he makes you believe acting makes sense, after all. He’s so good any post about him being good is pointless. And yet, he was never nominated for a major acting award (save for BAFTA).

… Till today.

Somehow – and I bet it was a tricky task – the Academy finally realized that Gary not having any nominations is a crime against art (and common sense). So, there he is. An Academy award nominee. Finally. It was about fucking time, I say.

Of course, we all know it’s not that simple. It’s Oscars we’re talking about. We all know how they work. His nomination for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is not really about his performance. It’s about finally recognizing the man who was snubbed so many times before. A great actor who wasn’t even nominated, even when he was supposed to be, and all because of some shitty reasons (including, but not limited to, politics). So don’t be fooled: this nomination isn’t about his last year’s performance.

But you know what? I don’t fucking care. It was about time, that’s all I’m saying. And no, I don’t think Oscars are that important. After Sandra Bullock winning one, it’s clear they don’t mean anything. Still, it IS considered the most important acting award, and I do think never nominating Gary Oldman was a crime and a disgrace. Also, I’m hoping that an Oscar nomination will finally bring him better roles.

But can he win? More about it later. So far, I’m glad they’ve finally nominated him.

7 thoughts on “Gary Oldman gets an Oscar nomination!

  1. Mariana

    I can’t hold myself! I’m so happy about it! It’s just like you said: It was about fucking time!

    I totally agree with you, I don’t think it’s about this performance but lately I’ve been thinking that it’s also about advertisement. I’ve heard Colin Firth saying in an interview, months ago, that he was really happy about Gary being considered and that this performance is great, but he said somethig like: “It’s too much effort.” I had the impression that it’s like this: an actor has a decent performance and then he starts working really hard in the movie promotion. And Colin has been there for two years in a row, ’till he finally got the statue.

    Either way I’m loving it. There’s been a LOT of Gary material lately (not that I’m collecting photos, since I lost all of them years ago) and I’ll find a WAAAAAY better reason to watch the Oscars.

  2. Mira

    It all feels like a dream! I was ridiculously happy the whole day. Actually, I was so nervous before the nominations, as if they concern me personally. I was surfing the net and watched a stupid movie to calm myself down. Then I woke up and rushed to IMDb to check the nominations…

    And his name was on the list!

    I felt so happy, like it concerns me somehow.

    I guess I really wanted this guy to get recognized.

    I’d also love him to win, but people say this is Clooney’s year.

    I miss your emails, too. I got your Christmas card, btw, which made me so happy and embarrassed, since I haven’t sent you one. So yes, I suck. My husband criticized me for this, and he was right.

    My novel is… Well, it stopped in the middle. For some reason, there are some things that aren’t working in it. Namely, my precious character with Asperger’s is not working the way he should. So before I move on I have to find the way to make this character work.

    But instead of him (poor Paolo!), there’s this secondary character who totally stole the show even if he shouldn’t have. So I’m thinking about writing a story about him. He’s supposed to become a spoiled celebrity.

    Hope everything’s fine with you. Write when you have time. Miss you!

  3. Jessica

    I was trying to think what movie I remembered him in and then it occured to me, pretty much everything not only in cinema but many tv appearances as well. Very good actor indeed.

  4. Mira


    Yes, that’s right! He’s an excellent actor, but sadly, many of his films are rubbish.

    Still, I recommend some movies (mainly his earlier ones), such as Leon: The Professional, Bram Stoker’s Dracula,
    State of Grace (This is where my avatar comes from – the movie sucks but he’s amazing), Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Prick Up Your Ears, Sid and Nancy.

    Well, basically, he’s good wherever he appears. The fact this is his first nomination is disgrace for the Academy.

  5. Stuedent of the World

    Gary Oldman could get it :D
    I think many amazing actors are not recognized by the academy. It’s mostly controlled by industry politics.

    I thought Sandra Bullock getting an Oscar was BS too. Especially for THAT piece of dreck.

    The Oscars never meant anything to me since black/ or other PoC work is very rarely recognized unless we play stereotypes.

    Also Micheal Fassbender should have gotten nominated for “Shame”, I think it was a pretty good film.

  6. Mira Post author


    I agree- the Oscars are rubbish. I just think Gary should be nominated (and win it), because it’s a disgrace otherwise.

    Black films are rarely, if ever, recognized. Unless it’s something along the lines of Precious or Mighty Whitey movies.

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