Short Notes on Gender Equality

I’ve never really thought about this before, but here it is. This is what gender equality means to me:

A no-brainer.

Parental rights for both genders.

Equal educational and work opportunities.

Watching movies with at least two women talking to each other about something other than a man.

Not assuming all men are rapists until proven otherwise.

Being able to carry your own luggage regardless of your gender.

Being able to cry regardless of your gender.

Having sex whenever you want, with whoever you want (as long as they agree).

Not being valued by your perceived attractivenes.

Not assuming there are only two genders.

Like I said, a no-brainer, really.

(In response to Kia.)

4 thoughts on “Short Notes on Gender Equality

  1. Alee

    I don’t think all men are rapists but I’m not comfortable in closed spaces or conspicuously alone with men I don’t know. Call me crazy.

  2. Sigg3

    @Alee: I’ve been mugged a few times, and I am also uncomfortable. And I am man. You are not crazy, it doesn’t hurt being careful.

    @mira: Anyway, liked the list. What you are describing is true or original feminism, I think.

  3. Sigg3

    To elucidate, there is now a trend for someone to play on sexual roles in order to be granted attention or whatnot, and IT IS CALLED FEMINISM, because you clearly are so “liberated”.

    This is not feminism, but sexism.

    There are many exploited women that are completely liberated according to sexism.. It’s important not to mix the two. May not be as important where we live, but think third world countries.

  4. Mira


    I don’t think being cautious is wrong. But assuming all men are rapists is a bit, well… I don’t understand logic behind it. Just because 95% (or whatever) rapists are men, doesn’t mean 95% men are rapists.


    There are various ways to be a feminist, and I don’t agree with some of them. (Especially those formed by/endorsed by privileged white heterosexual western women who don’t have a clue what feminism is all about).

    But of course I’m a feminist; that goes without saying. I don’t understand how someone can’t be against gender equality. Ok, I understand how, but I’m not a fan.

    And yes, these issues matter wherever you live, though maybe not in the same way. For example, I had no idea in the West (not sure about Norway – I think Scandinavia is much better in this aspect – but many western countries), women still earn significantly less than men. This is particularly apparent in the US. And that’s just one of the things.

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