Updates on Me

Guilty as charged
For not updating
Again I am.

That being said, here are some news on my ever-exciting life (read: completely boring).

I participated in a conference (astronomy and culture), and now I have two academic papers to write. Those will be my first papers ever published, because the one I wrote for the last conference failed since my co-writer never bothered to write her part. Lesson learned: I am not a team worker. (Read: I don’t know how to make other team members to cooperate).

My dear hamster Polina died on April 26th. She was more than two years old, and that’s an old age for a hamster. I’ve written more about it in my Tumblr, so please read if you’re interested. I got pretty emotional even though the writing doesn’t really reflect that.

My hamster Polina died (Tumbrl post)

I suffer from insomnia. Well, it’s not really insomnia as much as it’s a weird sleeping pattern. I get really sleepy in the afternoon but when 2AM comes, I am wide awake and full of energy. I end up doing stuff till 7 AM without sleeping. Then I fall asleep and I sleep all day. Not healthy. For example, yesterday I went to bed at noon and I woke up at 1 AM. I also gained a lot of weight – I’ve never been heavier, and while I don’t give a fuck about my sexiness, it is a lot, people. And I don’t eat that much at all. It has to be connected to shitty sleeping pattern. I’m also anxious and depressed and it’s also spring, so I get my allergy from time to time, which means horrible migraines. My IQ also seems to drop by at least 20 percent. I couldn’t remember how to spell Ian McEwan the other day (and I’m not even sure I spelled it right now). All I can do is watch movies and theorize/analyze them. Which isn’t at all that bad if it’s productive (one of the conference papers was about the way astronomy is portrayed in disaster movies), but most of the time, it isn’t.

- I feel guilty for not updating my blog, or visiting other people’s blogs, or replying to emails. There’s so much I have to do, and I just… It doesn’t seem I have time. Well, if you sleep for whole day and walk around like a zombie you wouldn’t have time for anything either. I hate this, you know? I hate when I don’t have anything to do, because I’m a big procrastinator and I can’t function without a deadline over my head and the panic it creates. When they give me specific tasks to do, I do them, PLUS I find time for creative stuff and quality time with my husband. It seems like I manage to find time for everything, even if I have less free time. But if free time is mostly what I have… Forget it. I can’t manage to do anything. It sucks a big time.

So, what’s new with you guys? (Assuming there’s anyone left here because I don’t update often). As usual, I’d like to update more, and I actually have plenty of ideas for new posts. But, you see, time managing and all. Makes no sense, I know. But oh, it sucks.

4 thoughts on “Updates on Me

  1. Alee

    Well, I know my reply is super late… I should just subscribe to your blog, so I know when you update.

    I’m glad you’ve got some work to do, but sorry about Polina. She was cute. I’m not too great with teams either, only because I want everything to be perfect so I just end up doing the whole thing myself.

    What’s new in my life…hmmm, I’ll update you later. :)

  2. Mira

    You’re not super late. This is, what, second to most recent post or something?

    Subscribing IS a good thing, but I don’t know if I have this enabled. Will have to include it.

    Polina was old and I knew it was going to happen. Still, I miss her.

    I have a new hamster now. His name is Rory.

  3. Alee

    I thought I was late because it says the post was published in May!

    I was looking for your subscription button…

    Rory is a cute name.

  4. Mira Post author

    You know me, May = three posts behind.

    Rory is named after this cute guy:

    Rory Slippery Fortysomething

    He’s a character in British TV show Fortysomething with Hugh Laurie and he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

    And I installed the follow/subscription button!!! It can be found on the sidebar.

    Also, I figured how to post images in comments! Yay!

    Rory Slippery Fortysomething

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