5th Birthday

… was yesterday :)

Despite the evident lack of updates, I love my domain, website and blog and I’m so happy it’s still around. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! (Now I feel slightly old and nostalgic. Or perhaps it’s just the weather. I don’t like autumn rains, ugh.)

Anyway, this is my half a decade of appreciation post!

Five years ago, I knew next to nothing about blogging. I used to think blogging was about keeping an online diary, and since I don’t like to share my personal thoughts & stuff online, the idea wasn’t appealing to me. But that was before. I understand blogging much better now, which sadly doesn’t mean I always practice what I preach.

At the same time, I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago, and it kind of sucks. I’m disillusioned, bitter and anxious. I feel like a complete – well, not a complete but a big – failure in certain areas of my life (career). I can’t find a job and I feel like I never will (this is not an exaggeration but a reality of where I live), and there’s so much I want to do and research and contribute. There’s more about my anxiety and bitterness, but ugh, this is supposed to be a happy post, right?

Anyway, thank you – if there’s any of you left here – for being here for all 5 years or just months, or even on one-time visit. I appreciate all of the comments and messages and hits I’ve received. I’ll do my best to make even better in the future (and yes, the first step is, as usual, updating more often!)

7 thoughts on “ 5th Birthday

  1. Alee

    Happy Birthday Jefflion!

    Cute cake. It looks yummy.

    Blogging used to be more of a personal diary, but blogging has expanded to every sort of writing you could ever imagine. It’s great, if you’re up to the task.

  2. Mira Post author

    Thanks for the bday wishes!

    I do think I’m up to the task when it comes to blog posts alone. My problem is that I often take it too seriously so all of my ideas seem “blah” to me. Which is a huge mistake because blog should be updated at least once a week.

    On the other hand, I’m definitely not up to the task when it comes to flame wars and the line, but I’ve never had much problem with it, except at one point while I was active at Abagond’s place so I received some racist shit in my email. But nothing of the greater scale.

  3. Alee

    I too get the “blah” feeling about some of my posts. I never want to write…until I start writing. Then I don’t want to stop. It’s really weird.

    Every now and again flame wars can happen, but the good thing is that you can always delete/not publish in the first place a comment that is inflammatory. And emails, just press “delete” if the first sentence is annoying. It’s all very efficient. :)

  4. Mira Post author

    I get the blah feeling about most of my post ideas. That’s why I don’t post that much. Which is a HUGE mistake. A sloppily written post is much better than no posts at all.

    As for flame wars and the like… I can’t say I have much, if any, experience with it, at least here. I’ve received some shit on certain message boards I visit or on other people’s blogs, but not here. I guess it’s because I don’t post that often and there aren’t many visitors here. Whenever a blog becomes even moderately successful, shit happens.

  5. Norna

    Just had to check your page out, happy birthday to your blog and know that you have something I don’t have: time to write. Good luck!


  6. Legion (formerly SW6)

    WTF! Still no lion, still no Jeff!!!
    I want my money back!

    …oh wait, it was free to come here..
    umm, as I was saying, here’s to your longevity and Happy (belated) Birthday

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