I want to make a dark grunge layout! And you can’t stop me

Not that anybody cares, but I’m thinking on (finally) changing my layout.

This may sound like a shock, but here’s another one- I want to make a really dark, grunge layout, you know, “one of those”.

One of those that were so popular around 2003 or something. Fear not, I won’t put any emo celebrities on it, I promise. It’s just… I want to make a darkish design with many, many brushes. Don’t hate me for it.

First of all, I hate when people change their website layouts way too often… I don’t know why, I just do. On the other hand, keeping the same layout for… um, more than a year (almost 1.5 years to be exact) it’s not the smartest thing either, I admit. But I still love my layout, it may not be perfect or most beautiful out there (here?), but I like it. I can’t imagine going to jefflion.net and not seeing it.


I have a certain… urge to create a darkish, “grunge” layout. Not sure why, I just want to make it, and obviously publish it. I’ll probably change my mind, but I feel like retro-experimenting.

2 thoughts on “I want to make a dark grunge layout! And you can’t stop me

  1. Susan

    Heee :) I only liked dark layouts for the longest time, then about 10 years ago I decided to be radical (reinventing myself online for about the third time) and made a light layout with bright colours and smaller fonts. After that I seemed to make a lot of layouts in shades of blue, even if I might start off with green or orange or purple. It was like a curse! *lol* Now I’m somewhat out of practice with making layouts, but I still like dark layouts on other people’s sites as long as the contrast is good (I hate having to select text before I can read it).

  2. Susan

    I was thinking of this post while working on my new layout – thought you’d like to know. *grin*

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