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On Amy Winehouse debacle

Note: This post started as my take on Amy Winehouse disastrous concert in Belgrade, but somehow transformed into a personal rant on hate speech against Serbia.

In case you didn’t hear, Amy Winehouse’s Belgrade concert turned out to be a complete debacle. There are various videos to prove it what happened a few nights ago at the Belgrade fortress.

The author of these videos is my friend Iva. One of her YT video gained a huge popularity, but then YT disabled it without offering a good reason. The fact it’s a bootleg wasn’t the reason given; after all, so many other concert videos are still there. No. They called my friend a spammer and a scammer. So, I guess somebody doesn’t want people to see this video, which is silly; you can’t stop the Internet. AP has it, and it’s virtually everywhere at the moment.

To watch it and read the full story, visit Iva’s website. But please, remember this is not an opportunity to laugh at Amy Winehouse and her condition.

Amy Winehouse video disabled on YT

But, there’s more. The Amy Winehouse thing is a popular stuff at the moment, and it’s saddening to see how little respect certain journalists (and others) have. I’m not talking about Amy at the moment (though that one is saddening, too), I’m talking about my country.

Amy’s newest embarrassing performance happened in Belgrade, Serbia, and not in London, UK; and for some reason, there are reporters who seem to think that it’s quite different because it happened on the Balkans. That the audience and the country somehow deserve less respect than, say, US audience in New York. Or that it’s somehow our fault or our embarrassment.

But in a way, the situation IS different for us. First of all, it’s much, much more difficult for us here to spend 40 euros on a concert ticket (many people work for less than 200 euros per month). It doesn’t mean we deserve a special treatment, but is it so difficult to grasp how disappointing and humiliating this was for people here?

The latest slap in the face came from Chelsea Handler (who the heck is this person anyway?), who tried to mock Amy Winehouse, but ended up throwing hateful comments on Serbia. This kind of ignorant junk we haven’t heard since… Well, yesterday. It never stopped; the hate speech against Serbia is still going strong. But do we need yet another ignorant Westerner and her hate speech? Is this really what Americans see as funny? Laughing at other cultures?

I am quite upset will all of this. And I’m not even sure why; I’m sure not particularly patriotic (and nationalists call people like me “traitors”). But I do feel hurt, and I do feel insulted, and I do feel so fucking tired of being reminded how unworthy, evil and disgusting my country and its people are. I’ve been listening that since I was 10. I’ve been hungry, and humiliated and treated as inferior, and I was forced to hide in the basement while the bombs were falling. I’m tired, and I’m so fucking angry and sick of it.

Here’s the thing. People in Serbia love good music. And my generation lacked the opportunity to see and hear their favourite musicians. It might seem disrespectful, or simplified, to illustrate all the mess and humiliation and hunger and embargo and war and bombing and other shit with the fact we were unable to go to concerts… But it’s a telling example.

I rarely resort to “you don’t know what is like” speech, but, seriously, do you know what is like to be desperate for this kind of events? It’s not just the concerts, though my generation IS desperate for it. Musicians visiting our country – that simple thing (that was taken for granted in the generation before mine, and yes, it was during socialism, btw), that simple thing means so much to us here.

We’re all sick of being insulted as a nation, and called names (and compared to Nazis: which hurts tremendously, because this country had suffered a lot during WWII and people here were never Nazi supporters), and seen as a source of all evil (accompanied with the usual hate and disgust for the Balkans), and humiliated and treated as inferior. It continues even today. And I’m sick and tired of it.

Top 5 annoying mistakes website visitors make

These are some common mistakes websites visitors make. These mistakes are quite annoying for the website owners and other visitors. Needless to say, we all make them, from time to time.

Visiting a site that is not for you

Most of the sites are open for general public, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check whether the site in question is the one that suits your needs and interests. Or the one where you’ll feel comfortable.

This mistake is the one that can be quite frustrating to you, so it’s not like you should pay attention just because of the owner’s sake. This is particularly true for Internet forums. Even if the subject is the one that interests you, take your time to see what kind of people post there. If you see it’s not a place for you, just leave.

Asking stupid questions

They say there aren’t stupid questions. But here’s what I mean: Be it in the form of blog comments, emails, twits, etc., asking something that’s a) obvious, b) irrelevant, c) has been answered numerous times before, can be quite annoying.

That doesn’t mean site owners should have a zero-tolerance policy towards (unwanted) questions. After all, everybody needs time to get used to a site’s design and the way “things are” out there, and yes, the owner should be there to help. Ignoring this is just bad and rude.

But visitors have brains and they should use them. If, for example, you find yourself at a website that says: “This is a fansite dedicated to X celebrity”, don’t assume the X celebrity runs the site. So asking whether X would like to have sex with you is… a bit pointless to say the least.

(Accidental) trolling

Some would say there’s no such a thing as trolling on accident. But we all know the type. People who simply don’t understand how to post comments or forum posts that are in any shape or form meaningful and on topic. There are also people who insult and annoy others with their randomness and lack of ability to write coherent messages.

Not reading site policy/rules

This is one of the most annoying things a visitor can do. If there is a site policy, if there’s commenting policy, if there are rules and guidelines, do read them and stick to them.

Deliberate trolling

This goes without saying. And then again, there are site owners who don’t mind, or who encourage trolling, flaming and drama. It’s just publicity, isn’t it? But it’s not something that should be encouraged.

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Get to know me via Tumblr (and other Tumblr stuff)

Note: The image is clickable.

Tumblr is a relatively new phenomenon. It is a cross between a blogging platform and a social network. The purpose of it was, I guess, to have a light blogging platform with an easy way for your followers to reblog your posts if they like.

This is probably the best and the most popular aspect of Tumblr, but it’s also what discourages people from the actual blogging. I mean, if you post a real blog post, people might press “like” or even comment (though commenting is extremely tricky and undeveloped on Tumblr), but that’s all. But if you post an image of a shirtless hot man cute puppy, your post will be reblogged many times.

So, this aspect if what made Tumblr more of a crazy platform for sharing pictures, especially animated gifs, celebrity photos, memes and videos. Another popular aspect is asking anonymous questions via the ask form, which is the only way of communication on Tumblr. Nobody really blogs out there, and it’s all pretty wild and random.

Tumblr and I

I’ve joined in april 2010 and, due to the chaotic nature of Tumblr, I named my blog “Jefflion Randomness”. What I mostly do out there is, well, blog and reblog photos of cute animals, my favourite celebrities and crazy internet art such as memes. I also try my best to communicate with my friends (called “followers” out there).

Tumblr is relaxing to use because you don’t have to worry about having something interesting to say. You can post or reblog whatever you feel like at the moment, and there will usually be someone who likes it.

On the other hand, something about the chaotic nature of Tumblr bothers me. I am quite a messy person, externally, but I often like what I do to be organized in some way.

So, unlike most of Tumblr, I sometimes do write regular blog posts. Usually, those are observations about movies (I guess I am really into movie critic business ;) ) or something else I like to share, but I don’t see it serious enough for my main website.

But I hate to see that content lost in the Tumblr hurricane, so I decided to share it here. I will probably link my whole Tumblr in the Trash section of the website, where it will be easily accessible to whoever is interested in those little ramblings.

Good stuff here

Here are some of the semi-valuable posts I’ve written on Tumblr:

Favourite actors, favourite roles

This is a collection of posts on my favourite actors and their best roles. The way I determine “top” roles is a bit complicated here. I take into account the actual performance, how much I liked the film, how much I liked the performance, and how good the film actually was.

Favourite bands, favourite songs

Similar to the above one, but with musicians and their songs. Somewhat more straightforward: I simply include the songs I like the most.

Josh Hartnett movie challenge

Reviews of Josh Hartnett movies. Challenge was proposed by Fiona, owner of the JoshSpam tumblr blog (which features, what else?- Josh Hartnett pic spam) My task was to watch Josh Hartnett’s movies and post short reviews, with a special note on acting performance (or lack thereof). The goal was to make me realize Josh Hartnett wasn’t as crappy actor as I thought he was (the success of the goal is debatable). I am quite happy about these reviews, and I might feature them elsewhere on the site. (Did I mention I love doing movie reviews?)

Insightful comments

These might not be particularly insightful, but offer a bit of information about me. Most are answers to questions other Tumblrers asked, and are usually about aspects of my personal life. I thought it would be interesting to include them here, because I don’t tent to blog about my personal life. So these might help you know me a little better. Warning: may contain TMI.

Greatest hits

The best, most hilarious stuff that ever appeared on my Tumblr page.

Top 5 annoying blogging mistakes (that I often make)

These are common blogging mistakes that I hate to see with other people, but I regularly make them myself:

1. Not updating often

There’s nothing worse than a blog that is not updated regularly (without a notice). You just visit in hope there’s something new, but no. The weeks old photo and the post are on the homepage. So you just forget about the blog, until you remember it again and realize you’ve missed some great posts. In any case, not updating regularly is the #1 blogging mistake (that can often cost you visitors).

2. Not replying to comments/emails/messages straight away

I understand you might be busy, but it’s really frustrating to wait for an answer. Especially when you just know the person did read your message, but for some reason didn’t reply straight away. Or, even worse, ever.

Why don’t I reply straight away? I am usually trying to figure out what I want to say, which is, 9 times out of 10, unnecessary. I am often really happy about the reply/comment I get that I completely forget that now it’s my turn to say something.

3. Not returning comments

Someone (preferably new) left a comment on your blog. But you never bother visiting their website. This doesn’t happen often with me, but it DOES happen.

4. Writing boring blog posts

Blogging doesn’t have to entertain anybody but you. On the other hand, if it’s really something you write for yourself, and yourself only, why do you bother publishing it? Or, why do you expect people to comment on it? What can someone say about your super-boring entry on how delicious your breakfast was? Or how your cat managed to pee in the flower pot for the third time that day? And not to mention those emo “I feel like crap” entries.

5. Writing without a plan

In many cases, blogging is a casual fun. But it’s also writing, and I am one of those people who believe that good writing is 90% planning/outlining and 10% actual typing. So please, plan your entries. Don’t just rant first things that come to your mind. Stick to one subject per post. Have an idea of what you want to say.

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I am addicted to Internet

I am addicted to Internet. Or, shall I say, I depend on it. More than I like to think I do. I was without Internet for a day and I felt like something was missing. Not a good thing.

On the other hand, I don’t feel too bad about it. After all, I believe Internet can be a great thing, if used wisely. I like to think I am a wise user. But the thing is, I DO spend a lot of time online.

The problem is that things online always last longer than you expect them to. I can read long passages of text online, but I guess it goes slower than on paper, especially if it’s in English. Also, I consider myself an experienced Google user, but sometimes it takes a while to dig up the right information. And not to mention commenting on message boards and blogs- the writing itself doesn’t take much time, but if you want to wait for a reply… You see what I mean. So yes, sadly, Internet is very time-consuming, even when you try to rationalize the use (which I rarely do, and even when I try, I can’t limit myself for the Internet time- I always end up online more than I planned).

The good things about the Internet is that it can be your connection to the rest of the world- the people, information, stuff you need, or want to learn about. It’s a great thing. Since I can’t travel at the moment, this is my only chance to meet people all over the world. I guess it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I’ve met so many great people online, and I’ve learned a lot about other cultures. Because I can express myself better in written communication I find it easy to meet people online, which is also a good thing. Learning is also easier online; you can find articles and books you couldn’t afford otherwise. Not to mention movies and music… But now I’m stepping into the illegal territory.

I’ve discovered Internet in the early 2000s, at the time I was really lonely and depressed. It helped me focus on something and it made me think less about the bad stuff. But sadly, lonely people can get addicted pretty fast. I don’t think I ever got too addicted, though. There are so many things I prefer over the Internet, and I don’t want my family or friends suffer because of it. Still, I do enjoy being online, and yes, I admit it, it’s partly because of escapism.

So I guess spending less time online would be good, but I don’t think I’d love to be Internet-less for a long period of time.