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The reason you won’t see my traditional Oscar rant for 2013

… is because I haven’t watched the Oscars.

This is probably the first time in years that I missed the ceremony. The show started around 2:30 AM), which is totally the time of day (well, night) when I’m usually pretty active. Not this time: I went to bed around 9, planning on waking up around midnight, but I overslept. So I missed Jennifer Lawrence stumbling on the stairs, I missed Michelle Obama, I missed sexist songs about boobs.

I was also pretty passive when it comes to this year’s nominees. I think I’ve only seen “Life of Pi” (I liked it, even though I didn’t like the simplified philosophy in it; I loved the way it was filmed, though). Some of the nominated movies I don’t have any wish to see, especially the ones concerning the Middle East (including the winner, “Argo”). I love Daniel Day Lewis’ acting and intensity, but I don’t want to see Lincoln. The only other nominated film I’m interested in is “Amour”. So I suppose I didn’t find the nominees particularly exciting.

This didn’t stop me on the previous years, though. I don’t even like the Oscars and I think they are too much about the politics and promotion and not about the true artistic achievements. In short, this award is more about the film industry, and not film art. But it never stopped me from watching the ceremony before (though I often skip the red carpet; it’s so boring, especially since it’s often about the dresses, which bores me to no end). So I suppose I was really tired this year.

To be honest, the only thing I remember from this year’s Oscars are gaffes and racist comments about the youngest nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis. From Onion’s fucked up Tweet to anonymous people posting horrible things about her name, personality and race – everything was so disgusting beyond words. I haven’t seen the film and I don’t know anything about this girl so I can’t comment on her acting, but seriously, people, this was the lowest of the low. Who complained when Anna Paquin won her Oscar? Who called her names? Who questioned her talent? Her family, her background? I mean, seriously.

So yes, I missed the Oscars and I didn’t really feel sorry, even though I liked my Oscars watching as one of those silly personal traditions. But I am still pissed off at them for basically ignoring Gary Oldman (the best actor nominee) last year, so I can’t say the show is particularly enjoyable.

In other news, I am aware of neglecting this site and there’s no excuse for it. If it means anything, I’m working on a new design and revamp. Nothing fancy, but it will give it a new look and a new functionality. Also, it would be great to build a new blogging routing because believe it or not, I really love my website even though I neglect it often.

The Hobbit is Now a Trilogy (a Rant)

Those who know me better know how much of a Tolkien geek I am. Seriously. LotR is one of my favourite books. You get the idea. So you bet I’m interested in the movie adaptation of the Hobbit, despite the fact I wasn’t crazy about LotR movies.

But hey, the music and visuals were perfect, so it’s worth checking out. Also, the first trailer seemed good, even though it was obvious they went for a darker atmosphere. They’re not going with the Hobbit novel – they’re trying to make a more epic story, more in line with LotR. I never though it was a good way to go, but I was willing to accept it.

But now it seems they (and by “they”, I’m not sure who I mean: Peter Jackson? The studio?) decided to change the plan for two movies and make trilogy instead. That’s right: suddenly, there’s another movie, supposedly made becuase “there was way too much filmed material”.

What. The. Fuck. ???

You don’t do something like this. You just don’t. You can’t just change the plan mid-way and suddenly decide to make three movies instead of two. First of all, you wrapped the movies a few weeks ago. Second of all, the premiere is in December – which means it’s too late to change the first movie now. So does that mean the second movie will be stretched to two? WTF? Even if they use the material available at the Appendix, there’s just not enough of events to justify three fucking movies.

This isn’t LotR. The structure of the story, the characters, the whole narrative – it’s so different. Even if you slap a darker atmosphere it’s still not epic enough to justify a trilogy. You can’t make people go through three movies to see a completed story – this small adventure story. What was Peter Jackson thinking? Is it about the money, is that it?

Finally, does this mean we have to wait till 2014 to see Smaug?

My birthday! I am 31 (but I totally don’t feel that way)

So, it was my 31st birthday yesterday. Nothing overly exciting, but sure better than the last year, when they cut off my electricity because of the unpaid bills. So… yeah.

It was a pretty uneven year, full of disappointments on the career/education front. But I don’t want to talk about this because it would make me so fucking depressed. The weather is horrible, BTW, not like late spring at all (rain and that shit), so I do need stuff to cheer me up.

I received some nice stuff for my birthday. A new bra (that was almost impossible to find, since my boobs are apparently “too big” for regular bras. WTF?) A history of science book from my husband.

The world also managed to cheer me up: the news were released about Benedict Cumberbatch being cast in 12 Years a Slave. Now, movies about slavery usually get a side-eye from me, but I am excited for this. Steve McQueen is an excellent director who’s not ready to compromise. Plus, Shadow and Act reviewed the script and it looks like it might be really good (no white savior shit!) Plus, Chiwetel Ejiofor rocks, so I really hope this can be a good film. And since Benedict Cumberbatch is the acting revelation of the year for me (I should blog about this one of these days), I am really excited about this.

So, that’s all, I guess. My birthday wasn’t exciting but it was relaxing enough. I am 31, but I don’t feel that way. On one hand, I am completely anxious and I feel like I’m too old and late for some things, such as the first decent job, PhD studies or, yes, children. My mom got me when she was 32, but I’ve always wanted to have at least 2-3 children. On the other hand, I can’t believe I’m 31 – I feel like I’m in my early 20s. Seriously. I had no idea you could feel like this, both younger and older than your age. But I guess it was like that with me from the start. I was always a bit older than my age in some things and completely immature and childish in others. It’s how it goes, I guess. Aren’t all people like this?

The 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 for Me

Here’s the list of my 5 most anticipated films in 2012. And yes, I know it’s March, but there weren’t many interesting films in this year so far (at least for me). So, here’s a quick list of stuff I’d really love to watch, for one reason or another. Some of these are films I hope to be great, and with others, I’m just curious to know how they turn out to be.

And before you ask about the Dark Knight Rising: no. Not my thing. Yes, I know Gary Oldman is in and all. Still no. Plus, the only other potentially interesting thing in this film for me (Tom Hardy’s luscious lips) will be covered by the mask, so, why bother? I would be awesome if Cilian Murphy had a cameo, though.

So, what about the stuff I do want to see? The best films in any given year are usually the ones I discover by an accident. Those that are highly anticipated often disappoint (due to high expectations, no doubt). Still, here’s a quick list of my most anticipated films (in order of the release date):

The Raven

This gothic tale about E.A. Poe (played by John Cusack) and murders inspired by his works is getting solid reviews and seems reasonably interesting, even if you’re not into this sort of things. Some people describe it as “Seven set in 19th century“, so this might go either horribly wrong or amazingly creepy – which, in context of the movie – is a good thing.

The REAL reason why it’s on my most anticipated movies list is that it’s filmed in Belgrade. That’s right, my hometown (and, as I can tell, Budapest) will serve as a 19th century Baltimore. Watching a film for catching all the locations and the way they’re used? It’s as good reason as any other.

Release date: April 27.
Chances that it will suck: 78%

All in Good Time

This is one of those small British films I love so much (and despite of what some may think, I don’t have ulterior motives for anticipating it). It’s a story about newlyweds (played by Amara Karan and Reece Ritchie) who can’t consummate their union because they have to stay with his family, which is, well, complicated. Not the best way to start your marriage, but it was a reality for many of us. The film is directed by Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls) and written by Ayub Khan-Din (the author of East Is East, which is one of the main motives to watch this one). Though the film’s journey is more complicated than this (adapted form a play that was adapted from another play).

As someone who never had her honeymoon and whose wedding night included a bunch of noisy neighbours and a snoring grandmother in the other room, yes, I can relate. Not to mention living with my family wasn’t particularly great either. Ok, I know there are a lot of differences (in culture and setting – we’re nor Indian nor British), and as much as it may seem like an interesting story from a, erm cultural POV, it’s not the main appeal, and I sure hope it’s not going to be made as such. (*cough* Orientalism *cough*)

Release date: May 11
Chances that it will suck: 35% (without Orientalism)


Brave is a new Pixar effort and their first fairy tale. Set in medieval Scotland (Braveheart references/vibe are, obviously, not completely unintentional), this is a tale of princess Merida, an archery master, and a horrible curse. According to the teasers, she will have to save the day. Merida is voiced by Kelly Macdonald, who is a good choice for the role (instead of Reese Witherspoon, who was – for some reason nobody can understand – the first choice for a role of a SCOTTISH princess).

I like Pixar’s films, and I like the vibe of this one, but one of the main reasons I’m intrigued to watch it is because people are so sure it will suck. Why? Because, according to many people, it just seems like a typical Disney movie and not like something Pixar would do. So they think it will be the first Pixar movie that sucked (what, wait, Cars didn’t suck?) So, naturally, I just have to watch this one and see for myself. I do hope they’ll bring a twist to the story. As much as I’m ok with fairy tales, I do want an original take on the story about a kick ass heroine.

Release date: June 22.
Chances that it will suck: 30%

Seven Psychopaths

Probably THE most anticipated film of 2012 for me, a new story by Martin McDonagh, the writer and director of In Bruges. As we all know, In Bruges kicked some serious ass and it was one of the best films of the decade. Seven Psychopaths reunites McDonagh and Colin Farrell, who plays a screenwriter struggling to write a script called, you’ll guess it: Seven Psychopaths. So, yeah.

The plot involves dog napping, Sam Rockwell as an actor without a job, Christopher Walken as another sidekick (or is he?) and Woody Harrelson as a crazy gangster who just wants his dog back. Doesn’t sound particularly exciting? Fear not, there’s more to it. As you probably guess, Seven Psychopaths from the title will appear in the film. With many meta references n’ stuff. I can’t describe how much I want this one to be good (and, obviously, how much I’d be disappointed if it turns out to be bad). Oh, well. There’s still fookin’ Bruges if that happens.

Release date: November 9.
Chances that it will suck: 15% (Unless they really screw this one, in which case: 85%)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I already said how I feel about this. I was never a big fan of the Hobbit, unlike LotR (which is one of my favourite books). At the same time, of course I want to watch it; no questions asked here. I hate the hype, but I do want to see Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the Hobbit. On one hand, there are some bad signs: according to the trailer, it is made to seem darker and more epic than the story requires. On the other: Martin Freeman.

Let me repeat this: Martin Freeman! The. Best. Possible. Bilbo. Ever. This man was born to play this role, and he knows it, and we know it and, thanks God, Peter Jackson knew it, too. This casting is so perfect on all possible levels that I’m ready to forgive Jackson some of the questionable casting decisions in the past. Martin Freeman as Bilbo is the best possible thing this movie could get, and he’s one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to this film.

Release date: December 14.
Chances it will suck: With Martin Freeman as Bilbo? No way.

PS- Who wants to bet I’ll remember another, and another, and yet another film I could put on this list as soon as I hit the “publish” button?

Oscars Are Getting Silly

Maybe it’s just me, but Oscars seem more and more pointless each year. I’m not even referring to snubs and film quality (this goes without saying). I’m talking about the ceremony itself. The stage is getting smaller (or so it seems), the performances rushed, everything seems like an average award show. Still, Oscars are seen as the most important movie awards, so I don’t get it.

I remember watching the ceremonies when I was in my early teens. I’d stay up for whole night (the broadcast starts in 2 AM or so and lasts till 6 AM), and while I never believed the the glamor or the importance of this award, watching the show has become something I just do. So I know what I’m saying when I’m talking about the whole thing turning from a show everybody wanted to see to “just another awards show”, only more boring.

While shorter ceremony does make some things less boring, it also seems so rushed, and some things I’ve always enjoyed the most (performing nominated songs and presenting movies nominated for the best film) is gone. It turned into a rushed presenter – announcing the winner – rushed winner speech, interrupted by stupid jokes by uninspired hosts (stupid jokes are Oscars tradition, though).

It seems like they don’t even care about this, and the usual snubs and the politics of the award are still here, which isn’t a good combination.

This year, though, I’ve had my reasons for watching the Oscars: Gary Oldman was (finally!) nominated. And while I’m not really sad that he didn’t win (I’m ok with Dujardin; better him than Clooney or Pitt, if you ask me), I am so pissed off at the director of the ceremony. They didn’t even acknowledge Gary’s existence in the room before the leading Actor award. I mean, WTF, people? Usually, acting nominees are in the spotlight. But the way they did it, you’d think Gary wasn’t even there! The dog from the Artist got more screen time, and while I’m not against animals being in the spotlight, it’s just confusing.

So the main appeal of this year’s Oscar ceremony was totally ruined for me.

I don’t have much to say about the actual winners. I haven’t seen most of the ladies’ movies so I don’t know if Meryl deserved this Oscar or not. Unlike many people (who think she’s overrated) I think she’s a great actress. Still, it’s interesting that she’s one of the rare actresses (or actors in general) who can play in a crappy movie and still get recognized for her performance because she’s good. This simply doesn’t happen. Being good in a bad movie usually means to be ignored (it happened to many).

I refused to watch the Help so I don’t know if Octavia Spencer was the best supporting actress, but people say she was good, so I’ll believe them. It’s great that Christopher Plummer finally got recognized, but sadly, that meant snubbing Max von Sydow. Like I said, I’m ok with Streep – she is a fantastic actress, but then again, so is Glenn Close, and she went home empty handed. As for the lead actor, we all know how I feel about this. I’m cool with Dujardin, and I’m also cool with the Artist winning the best picture and the rest of the things it won. If it couldn’t be Gary, I’d rather see Oscar going to Dujardin than Pitt or Clooney.

So, I’m not pissed off by the winners, but I am about the ceremony. Watching Billy Crystal’s botoxed face was painful, and I didn’t get to see the man I wanted to see the most, because, obviously, Gary Oldman didn’t seem interesting enough for those in charge with the broadcast. So I have to repeat: WTF, people!