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Another fragile state… Eh…

I’m in one of my fragile states at the moment. Yes, again. Sometimes I hate being so emotional, I hate panicking and yet I can not control myself. Sometimes. On other occasions, I have all the strength I need. I wonder if that depends on hormones, the weather or some other thing…

Everything I want at this moment is to watch some films or listen music… And possibly cry, but in a good, relieving way.

I’m obsessed with NIN’s “Hurt” song, and play it all day long… So powerful.

PS-Great thanks to Iva for finding this incredible Internet gem for me. Amazingly random and absurd, just like I love it!

Picture Is Unrelated- one of the greatest websites, eva’!

Alright, Hands Up

This thing IS sick, I know… But it’s also terribly funny. I guess I just like anything that’s at least a bit absurd. And I love absurd jokes, those are the best if you ask me. And even if a joke (or anything, really) is not absurd- don’t worry, I’ll find an absurd element to laugh at.

So, I just had to post this clip. I love Gary Oldman and Sean Penn, and they’re both great in this (though I enjoyed Gary’s character more), and the film itself (“State of Grace”) was not that bad at all (though I’d never watch a movie with a tagline “The Irish Mob in New York” if it wasn’t for Gary and Sean).

Of course, this is not a Monty Python kind of an absurd joke… It’s not an absurd joke per se at all. However, I find the little things so amusing, the look on Sean Penn’s face, pictures of naked women on the refrigerator and – for some reason – the best of all, “they’re in, they’re in” line.