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February Writing

After not writing anything here for 2 months, I’m back. Or, rather, I want to be back. I feel constant shame about not updating this site often. So, I will try to post as much as I can in February. I have no idea how this will go, nor if I’ll be able to keep the regime. Let alone find interesting stuff to post. But let’s try and see how it goes.

By the way, I am really thinking of turning this site into a writing blog (of sorts). I don’t think I’ll ever share my writing, but I might as well focus the blog on it, with occasional posts about other subjects. (When I say writing, of course, it can be anything, from thoughts about writing to movie reviews).

I guess the blog needs some focus.

Speaking of writing (and reading), you may also find me on Goodreads: Jefflion

Subscribe to My Site

By a popular* request, I added a Subscribe/Follow page.

* – I use the term loosely

The button can be found in my sidebar, right below the “Sidebar (duh!)” text.

This way, yo can get a notification about new posts and other updates to this site. It’s a quick and easy way to follow this blog. I don’t post that often so you won’t have to check the site all the time and then give up in case I don’t post for ages.

Hopefully, this will prevent you from abandoning this site and forgetting about it altogether (I can only hope!)

Alternatively, you may subscribe below:


Weird website search

What’s considered to be a “weird website search” is highly subjective, but ways people find this site are sometimes pretty strange.

Not to mention there’s nothing- I repeat: nothing here that would be useful to people searching for, say, “Gary Oldman gay pictures”. Yes, that was an actual search. And no, I have no idea how “they” got here, since, well… You get the idea.

Some of the more interesting recent searches:

  • “edward and bella” “lack of chemistry”
  • frusciante “social situations”
  • Gary Oldman gay pictures (Is there something I should know about?)
  • twilight forest scene
  • my life is awkward mira mira
  • buva can i see you?
  • jacob rape hard core twilight (Didn’t you mean: “Edward rape”?)
  • black guys do it right
  • jeff ament sexy
  • freckles dark hair (Really? Me too)