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Top 5 annoying blogging mistakes (that I often make)

These are common blogging mistakes that I hate to see with other people, but I regularly make them myself:

1. Not updating often

There’s nothing worse than a blog that is not updated regularly (without a notice). You just visit in hope there’s something new, but no. The weeks old photo and the post are on the homepage. So you just forget about the blog, until you remember it again and realize you’ve missed some great posts. In any case, not updating regularly is the #1 blogging mistake (that can often cost you visitors).

2. Not replying to comments/emails/messages straight away

I understand you might be busy, but it’s really frustrating to wait for an answer. Especially when you just know the person did read your message, but for some reason didn’t reply straight away. Or, even worse, ever.

Why don’t I reply straight away? I am usually trying to figure out what I want to say, which is, 9 times out of 10, unnecessary. I am often really happy about the reply/comment I get that I completely forget that now it’s my turn to say something.

3. Not returning comments

Someone (preferably new) left a comment on your blog. But you never bother visiting their website. This doesn’t happen often with me, but it DOES happen.

4. Writing boring blog posts

Blogging doesn’t have to entertain anybody but you. On the other hand, if it’s really something you write for yourself, and yourself only, why do you bother publishing it? Or, why do you expect people to comment on it? What can someone say about your super-boring entry on how delicious your breakfast was? Or how your cat managed to pee in the flower pot for the third time that day? And not to mention those emo “I feel like crap” entries.

5. Writing without a plan

In many cases, blogging is a casual fun. But it’s also writing, and I am one of those people who believe that good writing is 90% planning/outlining and 10% actual typing. So please, plan your entries. Don’t just rant first things that come to your mind. Stick to one subject per post. Have an idea of what you want to say.

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