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Even Keira couldn’t ruin this one

Yes, I know it must be silly to dedicate whole two posts to Atonement, but I hate blogging about personal stuff and daily events anyway, so… here you are.

EDIT to the previous post (After watching the film): Yes, it’s a good adaptation; one of the best I’ve seen (when it comes to adapting a novel to the big screen).

Perhaps it’s because McEwan was there all the time? In any case, Joe Wright did an excellent job, now I’m his true fan. Even Keira could ruin this movie.

Definitely one of the best films of 2007. ***** 1/2 jefflions out of ***** for this (note: 6 out of 5 jefflions is the best mark, reserved only for my favourite films, films that I consider perfect. We’ll see how I’ll feel about this one after a while. Perhaps I’ll add or remove a jefflion).

PS- Saoirse Ronan was brilliant as Briony. Too bad she didn’t have more screen time.

PPS- The idea of adding typewriter sound to the soundtrack was amazing, it really made the point! I believed it was impossible to add THAT side of the story (which is the most important, BTW) to the movie, but I was wrong. :)

PPPS- Even Keira couldn’t ruin this one. Wait… I already said that. Twice.