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On Facebook and Fluff Friends

I know I don’t look like a person who loves Facebook (because, well, I am NOT a person who loves Facebook), but I really like Fluff Friends application. Or, should I say: I used to love it, before all those greedy teenagers started spending real money on pixel unicorns and foxes.

That sucks, because most of the original fun of the game has gone now, and the only point of the application is to collect as many limited edition items as you can. (And to sell them later for even more gold). Blah.

So… I’m 27 :D

Ok, so… I’m 27. Luckily, I’m not a rock star, I’m a (not-so-soon-to-be) archaeologist. We carry our bullwhips and fedoras, which keep us young and fresh. Just look at Harrison Ford. Impressive, huh?

So, my birthday was great, thanks for asking, except for allergies. I suffer from these spring allergies, and any medicine that helps also makes me reeeeally sleeepy. Which is not a good solution at all, since I have to work.

Anyway, Iva made me a wonderful birthday surprise on facebook’s Fluff friends, it was a real online-pixel-surprise party! And I just had to scream! Only, I couldn’t, because my throat hurts. Blah.

PS-Anyone who can post at least 1 Indiana Jones movie mistake CONCERNING ARCHEOLOGY, gets a permanent link. Any Indiana Jones movie. Any archaeology mistake. Hint: anything concerting archaeology in those movies is incorrect. :p At least I tried educating people here :D