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Who should play an Ancient Greek? (Vote!)

In thinking about race in the ancient societies, one can go way too far. Suddenly, this issue seems like a very important one, due to several historical and political reasons.

When it comes to media representation, we all know Hollywood (and media in general) tend to influence people’s opinion. Speaking of which, a friend and I had an argument about whether Brad Pitt “looked like Ancient Greek” and if he was a right choice to play a Greek character. Race was also an issue there. It was very interesting to hear his opinion, so I’m asking for more.

What do you think, what kind of look (you can read that as “race”) is required to realistically portray an Ancient Greek character?

Our models are:

Brad Pitt Gerard Butler Djimon Hounsou

So, all things being equal (acting talent, paycheck, personal sympathies), who do you find the most appropriate to play an Ancient Greek?

We all have our ideas about ancient societies. What is yours? You may use any source to base your opinion (Greek pottery, written sources, what you learned in school, etc).

Note: This is not a trick question… more or less. So yes, I am asking for your opinion. (But I won’t deny I already have an answer and I think I am sure is the right one :D).