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News! News?

In short: No, I did not abandon my site. You may all relax. All three of you, my regular visitors!

I just turned around and it’s April 16th already! So, what’s up, you may ask? Not much (as usual). I got sick and I was feeling crappy. My throat hurt and I sounded like a 60 year old guy on crack (not my usual high pitch voice- yes, in case you didn’t know, my voice is like that, well, not all the time, but I can reach some reeally high notes, especially when talking to hamsters or other animals. Yes, I talk to animals. And no, I don’t expect them to talk back, not in human language at least. Stream of consciousness paragraph ends… Now).

I am feeling better now, but I still need a few days to get into shape. :)

Now, about the news.

I got a new hamster. Yes, that’s right, I have a hamster again! I wanted to buy a male, because they tend to be tame and bite less than females, but I got a female instead! Her name is Polina (as you might guess, she was supposed to be Pol, read as Paul), and she is long haired Syrian. She doesn’t bite, but she is still a bit scared of me. Oh well. At least she lets me hold her a bit. I didn’t know females can be that visibly longaired!

Once again, I am sorry for not posting that long. I don’t like when I don’t update often. I do have some ideas for posts, mainly rants about crappy movies (when you’re ill you get to watch many of them), but I just didn’t have time (or energy) to update. Hope you understand!

PS- It’s nice to notice Jefflion is getting more hits, even if I don’t update. “More” means “around 15″, but I don’t complain!

Here’s what my stats have to say about searches:

Top Searches: eddie vedder, how to know if a guy is a virgin, mira buva, how to tell if a guy really lost his virginity, download mask paint shop pro.

So yeah, Eddie still rulez (apparently), even after he transformed himself into Dude Lebowski.

WTF spam: How to tell if a guy is…

… a virgin. :D

No, seriously, people. Someone really asked this. In an email.

Of course, it’s one of the annoying spam messages. Still, one wonders. Besides being adorably WTF, this question is serious. I mean SERIOUS! No kidding.

Just think about it. The first thing you’ll notice the double standard. Like it’s so much worse for a guy to be a virgin than for a girl. Now why is that? Do people still buy that double standard crap? Do we still believe male sexuality (and their needs and ability to control them) are so different than female? Think about it, I’m telling you.

Like any other serious subject, this one gave us some pretty hilarious Yahoo answers. I’m not going to help you here, you must find them all by yourselves. There are pretty mind blowing ones. Seriously.

What I found the most interesting here is that nobody explains WHY is this information so important. It’s just taken for granted. Isn’t that sad?