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The Best Movie Characters of the Decade

Remember I promised my “decade” posts? Well, it’s the end of December, so I guess it’s the right time for them. I guess most of them will be film related, not because I don’t read or listen music, but because the books I read and music I listen are, most of the time, created in the previous decades.

Oh, and btw, the decade started in 2001, so these all cover 2001-2010 period.

An important note: I put “the best” in title because it’s short… But it’s actually my favourite characters, regardless of their actual quality or the opinion other people have about them.

5. Joker

The best thing about “The Dark Knight” (and the only good thing about it, besides Gary Oldman with a mustache). And while a lot of the hype was generated after Ledger’s death, it would be unfair to say the character (or performance) didn’t deserve it. Joker was unique and a whole world for himself, and you could just feel there was always more about this character than meets the eye.

The best thing about him: The air of mystery, and the fact will probably never know the whole story, just add to the appeal.
The worse thing: While certainly memorable, one must admit part of the hype is due to Ledger’s death, so it’s impossible to determine exactly how much of an impact would character otherwise have.
Personal story: This is the only character on the list I don’t have a personal connection with; I put him solely because he’s really memorable on himself. The only thing I could share is the fact he made an otherwise overrated movie watchable for me.

4. Juno

What is great about Juno is that she is, obviously, not a realistic character… Yes she does seem like one. Sadly, there are not many female characters like her in media these days, particularly not those who encounter the problems she had in the movie. Juno has a perfect mix of a tomboyish charm and femininity.
The best thing about her: She is unique, and yet, it’s easy to identify with her.
The worst thing: Hype backlash. While Juno is certainly an adorable character, she is not as great as people claimed at one point.
Personal story: I admit it, one of the main reasons I like Juno is… She looks and acts like me. A lot. (Minus the teenage pregnancy thing). Some people don’t notice this, but it’s really rare to see a tomboy character who is, well, chose to how tomboy girls really are. So yes, you could say I got attached to the character a lot.

3. Jack Sparrow

Hands down, he’s my favourite male character of the decade. The fact he’s played by Johnny Depp (who I admired and… admired (if you know what I mean) for more than a decade). Jack Sparrow was so beautifully over the top and he stole the show in a second (remember, Pirates of the Caribbean were supposed to be all about Will and Elisabeth!)

The best thing about him: He made the world realize Johny Depp’s greatness. Way too much, perhaps. (To the point I miss his earlier, indie roles).
The worst thing: Lame sequels. The character got old fast.
Personal story: It was the summer of 2003 and I was really lonely. It sounds pretty lame, but Johnny Depp in heavy makeup sure made me feel a little better!

2. Kitten

A transgendered orphan on a search for mother, love and acceptance, who gets to meet many people (IRA members are just for start), but holds onto her unique world. It’s impossible not to like Kitten and hope she’ll be alright. Sometimes you cringe at her need to ignore the bad things, but at the end, you can’t help but liking her.

The best thing about her: Her innocence and optimism. Admittedly, sometimes it’s way too much, but you can’t help but like her and hope the things would eventually turn good for her.
The worst thing: Breakfast on Pluto was a fantastic film, but it wasn’t for everyone, so not many people got to see Kitten.
Personal story: I am really attached to this character because she reminds me of my grandmother (minus the transgender part). My grandmother had the same optimism, born out of despair. A lot of bad things happened to her (both of her sons died, for example), so she just learned to shut herself from the horrors around.

She was always smiling and talking about stuff such as clothes and makeup (she loved pink and funny music). It was annoying, this optimism of hers, because she was often blind to the real world around her, but it’s not like one fails to understand how she came to be like that. So it’s impossible to watch Kitten and not to see her in the character.

1. Amélie Poulain

My favourite character of the decade. I could dedicate several posts to her and the impact this movie had on me.
The best thing about her: She is unique, maybe even quirky, but it’s easy to relate to her.
The worst thing: Once again, the hype backlash. After the initial praise for the film and the character, people got a bit tired of Amélie. But it doesn’t mean she’s not a fantastic character.
Personal story: I’ve watched this film in 2002, during a lonely summer. Watching Amélie gave me so much hope. I’ve never seen a movie character so close to what I really was, whatever that meant. So Amélie has a special place in my heart.

Honorable mentions: Briony (Atonement), Sinéad (The Wind that Shakes the Barley), Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings), Sherlock Holmes, Snape (Harry Potter series).

A little celebration with Harry Potter… And Roddy Doyle

I am not into writing blog posts without a clear topic, let alone those diary type of posts, but I guess I have to make an exception here.

My husband and I made a little celebration tonight. It was for my graduation, basically, but since I’m really pissed about it, it was more of a “let’s celebrate the fact you are writing again” sort of a celebration. We didn’t have much money (that’s even less now… and it’s only 11th!), so we just went to see “Harry Potter” and had a dinner at a restaurant.

“Harry Potter” was… Fine, I guess. It had a good beginning (I really liked Bill Nighy), and some scenes were really good (especially the Godric’s Hollow and the animated sequence!) On the other hand, it was a bit slow and confusing. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but they did stay too close to the book. I am one of those people who hate unnecessary movie changes, but HP 7 book was a bit slow and confusing, especially the first part of the book, so I am not sure if keeping everything (or almost everything, less the Dumbledore story) was the smartest move.

They cut so many great things from the previous books: good plots, good stuff, but they opted to leave everything in this one. And we all know the plot wasn’t of the best quality in the HP 7. (I still like the book, it just felt a bit rushed and unpolished).

But I’m lad we went to see the film in the cinema, even though there were way too many annoying kids who laughed at random places. But they were all really silent during Harry and Hermione (almost pornographic) kiss. All in all, it was good. Rupert Grint is still the only one of the young cast who can act, though (Daniel and Emma are way too distracting and annoying), but the older actors were amazing, as usual, so it sucks that most of them had merely cameos. Oh, well.

The dinner was fine. We were the only people in the non-smoking part of the restaurant. And the other part was almost crowded! Yes, people in Serbia are heavy smokers and I am pretty sure that most of the restaurants and bars will lose profit because of the new smoking ban.

Then, a surprise – my husband got me a present: Roddy Doyle’s Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. I’m so happy and can’t wait to read it. I really dig Roddy Doyle’s style, and I like Irish stories a lot. (Like I mentioned elsewhere, Ireland seems surprisingly familiar (in cultural sense), but without the emotional weight that is present every time you read about your own culture or watch a movie about it).

On an unrelated note, I am thinking of doing a series of posts on “best of the decade” lists (movies, songs, etc). It’s December, after all, and the end of the decade (contrary to the popular belief, the present decade didn’t start in 2000, but 2001). There are so many lists I want to create, but I am not sure if I’ll have time for it.

The one I won’t make, I guess, is the best novels of the decade. I read a lot, but most of the books I read in the last couple of years (apart from Ian McEwan’s work) are older and not published in the present decade. But since we’re here, I can tell you that McEwan’s “Atonement” is probably my favourite novel of the decade… And one of my favourite books. So it’s not like I haven’t read anything great written in this decade.

In any case, any list I might create won’t really be “the best of 2001-2010 decade”, but more of “my favourite of the decade”. I want to concentrate on those that made an impact to me as a person, regardless of its quality (though I’ll try to include quality work). What do you think?