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On Facebook “friends”

I have to admit: I do like Facebook. I also have to admit it’s not because of the people (there, I said it!), it’s more about the silly games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to send virtual drinks and flowers and Gary Oldman (I’m not kidding!) to your friends, I’m just not crazy about meeting people from the high school that were never my true friends.

Yet, I rarely block people and I do accept friends request whenever I have a clue who’s the person in question (having one mutual friend is usually enough). But yesterday I got a request from a girl from my school that never talked to me… So I don’t really understand.

I don’t remember I ever talked to this person (ok, I was a geeky girl so it’s not a surprise, but still…) She never showed any interest. Basically, all I know about her is that she started smoking in the sixth grade and that she wanted to have sex with Trent Reznor (oh, those days!)

Why would she want to be my friend, even a Facebook one? Just to have more people on her list? I don’t think she’ll talk to me today, to be honest; I don’t know how she found me in the first place.

I might be grumpy today, but this sort of things make me angry. Ok, not really angry, but definitely not amused. I admit: I do have a very low social intelligence quotient, so I don’t understand this sort of things.