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My first guitar lesson… vol. 3

I just had my first guitar lesson. Painful two hours, indeed. Actually, that was not my first “first” guitar lesson, and I bet it’s not the last. You see, like any other fan of the rock music I want to learn, but like 99% of the fans I just don’t have enough patience, or talent, or both, to really learn it.

Actually, it’s bass guitar I’m most interested in, but I don’t have it, so I guess it’s perfectly okay to start with simple, yet, gorgeous acoustic guitar and move from there… eventually.

A few days ago, a friend of mine (Iva) and I started a punk band. The fact that none of us can’t sing or play any instruments did not stop us. After all, it’s punk we’re talking about, and punk does not have rules. No, it doesn’t. We came up with a perfect name for the band, all we need is… well, a singer. (But the lack of singer didn’t stop us, either. Yes, we’re cool as that).

So yeah, in order to play at least some of our band’s future songs, I had my first guitar lesson. Tell me, is it normal that a) your left hand hurts b) you don’t feel your left fingertips, c) your heart hurts, d) you have a really weird feeling in your left breast due to the fact that you practiced without a bra?