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10 random things I find annoying

In no particular order, really…

  1. Action movies (and romance movies for that matter).
  2. Political correctness.
  3. Chick lit.
  4. Certain words.
  5. Money.
  6. Shopping.
  7. Cultural elitism.
  8. Politicians.
  9. Liam Gallagher’s voice.
  10. Writer’s block.

Your turn.

Lists: Screwed up

Guess what happened 30 seconds ago? I realized all lists (ordered and unordered) on this site are screwed up (text is centered uuuuugh… Ugly!) Why didn’t you tell me about it? Why didn’t I realize it before (about 4 months ago)??!?!?!

I guess that’s another thing to put on my “dva du” (2 do) list. That’s right, I’m NOT fixing the crap right away, I’ll do it… later. I promise.


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