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The reason you won’t see my traditional Oscar rant for 2013

… is because I haven’t watched the Oscars.

This is probably the first time in years that I missed the ceremony. The show started around 2:30 AM), which is totally the time of day (well, night) when I’m usually pretty active. Not this time: I went to bed around 9, planning on waking up around midnight, but I overslept. So I missed Jennifer Lawrence stumbling on the stairs, I missed Michelle Obama, I missed sexist songs about boobs.

I was also pretty passive when it comes to this year’s nominees. I think I’ve only seen “Life of Pi” (I liked it, even though I didn’t like the simplified philosophy in it; I loved the way it was filmed, though). Some of the nominated movies I don’t have any wish to see, especially the ones concerning the Middle East (including the winner, “Argo”). I love Daniel Day Lewis’ acting and intensity, but I don’t want to see Lincoln. The only other nominated film I’m interested in is “Amour”. So I suppose I didn’t find the nominees particularly exciting.

This didn’t stop me on the previous years, though. I don’t even like the Oscars and I think they are too much about the politics and promotion and not about the true artistic achievements. In short, this award is more about the film industry, and not film art. But it never stopped me from watching the ceremony before (though I often skip the red carpet; it’s so boring, especially since it’s often about the dresses, which bores me to no end). So I suppose I was really tired this year.

To be honest, the only thing I remember from this year’s Oscars are gaffes and racist comments about the youngest nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis. From Onion’s fucked up Tweet to anonymous people posting horrible things about her name, personality and race – everything was so disgusting beyond words. I haven’t seen the film and I don’t know anything about this girl so I can’t comment on her acting, but seriously, people, this was the lowest of the low. Who complained when Anna Paquin won her Oscar? Who called her names? Who questioned her talent? Her family, her background? I mean, seriously.

So yes, I missed the Oscars and I didn’t really feel sorry, even though I liked my Oscars watching as one of those silly personal traditions. But I am still pissed off at them for basically ignoring Gary Oldman (the best actor nominee) last year, so I can’t say the show is particularly enjoyable.

In other news, I am aware of neglecting this site and there’s no excuse for it. If it means anything, I’m working on a new design and revamp. Nothing fancy, but it will give it a new look and a new functionality. Also, it would be great to build a new blogging routing because believe it or not, I really love my website even though I neglect it often.