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Ask me a question

Several people asked me why there wasn’t “ask & answer” feature here. Which is surprising, not because all sites should have one, but because I don’t get many visitors- hence, “several” (read: two) people interested in it came as a surprise.

“Ask & answer” feature was a popular trend around 2005, and it’s been used & abused. Not being a trendy girl, I ignored it. But since there are people interested in it, and I am trying to please my visitors, both of you can relax: ask & answer feature is here.

So, here it is…

Ask a question

What to ask? What not to ask?

It’s completely up to you. Hopefully, questions will help me create a decent “FAQ” section and tell me what people think about this site and what they (both) want to see here. Since nobody uses contact form.

As for nasty, offensive and otherwise stupid questions- like I said in the rules, I am not easily offended. But of course I reserve the right not to answer on any questions I choose not to.

I heard people tend to get all sorts of bizarre and pointless questions, but what else to expect?- This is internet after all, and people are bored. So go ahead, make my day.