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Oscars: Pretty uninspiring

The reason I waited for so long to share my thoughts on Oscars 2011 is only partly on the fact I’ve been busy. The thing is: there’s no much to say about this year’s Academy Awards.

It might be that the Oscar finally lost its charm on me, which might not be a bad thing at all. You see, watching Academy Awards is one of my guilty pleasures: I am not overly impressed by the ceremony or the awards itself (or, shall I say: politics behind it), but I watch it every year. I’ve been doing that since I was about 12 or something. I have no idea why, but staying awake for whole night (the broadcast starts around 2 AM) at such a young age sure seemed like an adventure.

So, here I am, watching this year’s show, and I feel so bored. It was very uninspiring, and it’s not because it was worse than the previous shows. At least we didn’t have a Sandra Bullock situation this year, and that’s something.

I quite liked “The King’s Speech” and I’m glad it won; I am also glad about Colin Firth. The movie’s premise is so uninspiring (my favourite word for this post, it seems!), but the film turned out to be excellent. I love when I’m pleasantly surprised. So I’m glad they won all the awards they got, except one: I have a soft spot for Mike Leigh and while nominating him for the best screenplay is a bit of a paradox (given the way his stories are created), I really wanted him to win.

But this aside, the most exciting moment for me was to see Trent Reznor win the Oscar. I mean, it was such a crazy situation for some reason (Trent. Reznor. Oscars. WTF!?!) so it definitely made one of the most memorable moments of the show.

I guess the rest of it was so boring and I failed to pay close attention, so I completely missed all the failed jokes of the hosts and Melissa Leo saying (shock! gasp!) – FUCK on live TV. I mean, imagine this horrible, enormous scandal. Somebody said fuck on TV and it’s considered a scandal. This is one of the things that makes America seem so confusing. They actually think saying fuck on TV is shocking.