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New Layout!

As you can see, jefflion has a new suit. I worked really hard on this layout; while it’s far away from being perfect, it is really dear to me. Bare in mind it’s not 100% finished, I still have to add some links and fix a few things.

Now, take a look at the picture. There are a few interesting things on the desk. Among usual stuff, such as paper, clips and notes, there are some more interesting details. One of them is, of course, vinyl. NO, the sign on it does not say “penis”, read carefully! It’s PEIMS. Once again: P E I M S.

There are also photos, very dear to me, and they are taken by Mrgud. Yes, that’s me sitting on a bench near river. Other interesting thing is, of course, address on the envelope and, the best of all, scratches. Can you identify them? Other than obvious “jefflion.net”, there are more “mysterious” ones.

Beside layout image, there are more new things, such as random lyrics at the bottom and the Wall on the right.

The wall is full of important, interesting and unique things. Ok, not all of the links are unique, but many of them are :P Check out the wall, it’s a cute little thing. Or something like that.

PS-I should really write a more serious, political post, but I just can’t make myself do it. Next time, I guess.

My first guitar lesson… vol. 3

I just had my first guitar lesson. Painful two hours, indeed. Actually, that was not my first “first” guitar lesson, and I bet it’s not the last. You see, like any other fan of the rock music I want to learn, but like 99% of the fans I just don’t have enough patience, or talent, or both, to really learn it.

Actually, it’s bass guitar I’m most interested in, but I don’t have it, so I guess it’s perfectly okay to start with simple, yet, gorgeous acoustic guitar and move from there… eventually.

A few days ago, a friend of mine (Iva) and I started a punk band. The fact that none of us can’t sing or play any instruments did not stop us. After all, it’s punk we’re talking about, and punk does not have rules. No, it doesn’t. We came up with a perfect name for the band, all we need is… well, a singer. (But the lack of singer didn’t stop us, either. Yes, we’re cool as that).

So yeah, in order to play at least some of our band’s future songs, I had my first guitar lesson. Tell me, is it normal that a) your left hand hurts b) you don’t feel your left fingertips, c) your heart hurts, d) you have a really weird feeling in your left breast due to the fact that you practiced without a bra?