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A Long Penis Rant

Ah. Penises. (Waiting for the giggles to stop). Ready now? Penises. Handy things. They help men piss and make babies.

In many (most?) of the cultures, they are seen as more than that, though. A man’s penis is seen as one of the main symbols of his masculinity, or even him as a human being (??!- no shit). It’s also a commonly used symbol of fertility and power.

And there’s this idea of a big penis being the best one. Nobody knows how this myth originated, but it’s not universal. In some cultures, smaller penises were seen as better ones and the one a guy is proud to have.

One of these cultures was Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece is important because, for some reason, Western civilization sees it as it’s own cradle. It’s not Ancient Greek’s fault, but that’s how it is. So, what did they think about penises?

For all we know, they strongly associated big penises with barbarians, chaos, savagery, violence and everything bad and foreign. This is a trait that still exists in Western culture to an extend: just think about the oversexed black man = big penis stereotype. Right. It’s the same logic applied.

Now, unlike Greeks, today’s western culture – and due to globalization, all the world is at least a bit affected by it – like big penises. While “big penis equals savage” is still at play, there is also a big penis imperative in Western culture.

Nobody knows why. Men do seem pretty concerned about this issue, though it’s unclear whether they really care about it so much, or they simply pretend they do, because it’s what a guy is supposed to do.

Women certainly laugh about men and their penis obsession. But just between us, women don’t care about penis size as much as men are afraid they do; but they do care more than they are willing to admit.

Which brings us to the all existing myths about the correlation between penis size and other body parts, such as feet, hands, nose or height. Women seem to be the ones quite interested in these, and it’s not like it’s not fun to sit in a restaurant at giggle at some poor guy’s small feet.

Obviously, any comparison of this sorts is rubbish. There’s no correlation whatsoever between other body parts and penis size. There’s not even a correlation between someone’s flaccid and erect size – a fact some people still don’t get it. So I’ll repeat: you can’t say anything about guy’s erect size based on his flaccid size. Or his nose. Or feet. Or hands.

But wait a minute. Hands. Hands are interesting, because various dimensions of our body do show a slight correlation with hands. For example, a person’s fingers are of a perfect size for nose or ear picking. What I’m saying is, you can always put your finger in your ear and it will fit perfectly, but you might not do that for another person’s body. So hands are very interesting when it comes to penis stereotypes, and indeed, there seem to be several “mythical” ways of determining guy’s penis size based on them.

One of these methods take into account hand size, while other concentrate on fingers, particularly the index finger (which is proved that might show a correlation with the penis size). But my favourite method (yes, I have one) is estimating penis size based on maximum distance between guy’s thumb and index finger.

Like any other theory of this sorts, it’s utter rubbish. But. Anecdotal evidence seems to somewhat support it. I shit you not. (Guys, take a time and do it – is it true?)

There’s no reason whatsoever for this to be true, but it does make me notice guy’s hands (and feel bad about it).

Actually, this myth might as well be true – but without having anything to do with penis size. Average hand/finger size, and therefore the distance between thumb and index finger, might simply be around 6.5 inches – which is the average penis size. So it would work for many guys and appear to be true. (This is a nice example on why correlations do not mean anything on its own, btw).

So, what have we learn here? That I wrote this whole educated, smart post just I could ask the guys to measure themselves? Or so it seems. In any case, anything related to penis, particularly penis size, proves to be a very interesting topic.

PS- Let’s see if this post will generate some interesting spam messages.