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Things wise men say (when they’re drunk): Eddie Vedder

eddie vedderI just had to share this. Eddie Vedder is my hero… sort of. I love his singing, his rants, his mumbling… you get the idea. He’s smart, but pretty naive at the same time. He has a weird fanbase (bunch of straight men who are obsessed with him, his words, his looks (and locks) – yes, straight men I said). But you just can’t blame them, can you? I mean, that’s Ed we’re talking about. Sure, he might have a drinking problem, but he’s fantastic onstage (or so I’ve heard).

Anyway, I just had to share some Eddie Vedder quotes from the shows (as seen on the official Pearl Jam board)

“War doesn’t determine who’s right, it determines who’s left…”

“Those who dance are called insane by those who don’t hear the music.”

“Everytime I see the Spice Girls, it makes me want to try to fly by
climbing my roof and strapping bricks to my shoes.”

“I just read a sign that says “I wanna fuck you Eddy.” Well, you’d have to
know how to spell my name first!”

“we see the same damn faces every night – shouldn’t you guys be out getting yourselves laid?”


“Grunge, what is this grunge? Next time I hear the word grunge I’m gonna
shit, piss, and vomit all at the same time.”<- my thoughts exactly. I’d like to ask next jurnalist who interview Ed to say “grunge” and see what’s gonna happen. I bet it’s going to be… memorable.

“This next song is about a famous man from Europe, and his name ain’t
Gallagher.” <- I picked this because.. well, we all know how much I love Liam Gallagher. Perhaps Ed was referring to Noel, or both of them, but Liam has a special place in my phobias.

“I just want to say that I have a bigger dick than Flea and Patrick Ewing
combined.” <- Who the heck is Patrick Ewing? Not sure if Eddie ever said this, I hope it’s a joke! I picked this quote because Flea is my hero… and I find it really disrespectful. Sure, Eddie might have a bigger dick (any proof?), but Flea has sexy legs and Ed has chicken legs (mwuahahahaah!) .

PS-I posted this to support Eddie. He sure deserved an Oscar nomination for “Into the Wild”. (As I already stated, ITW songs are really really short, but beautiful). I just didn’t want to whine about this whole Oscar mess. Quotes are better (except the Flea one, of course!)