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Traditional Oscars rant

I owe you my (traditional?) Oscars rant. I’m just not sure what to think about this year’s Oscars.

The thing is, I don’t really appreciate Academy Awards. Two words: Gwyneth Paltrow. Three words: “Shakespeare in Love”. (ugh). And no, I don’t even want to start talking about “Titanic”.

However, I watch the ceremony every year. Whole ceremony. Yes, the painfully boring red carpet. Yes, the Sound Mixing award. I might or might not go to pee during stupid host’s jokes, but in overall, I’m there for all 5 hours or so. It’s like a tradition I started when I was about 12 or 13. So, I watch the ceremony and later brag about the whole thing, especially political correctness (vomit sound) and people who didn’t deserve the award.

Oscars often have their theme, and I really wanted to see which was this year’s. And no, I’m not talking about stage design or host’s costumes… A few years ago, it was black (sorry, African American) theme… And there’s always a hint of a gay theme. This year’s Oscar theme, was, however, “International”. Do I even have to explain why?

As for the winners… I have a big secret. No, I don’t have a crush on Mickey Rourke. The thing is… I haven’t seen most of the nominated films so I can’t elaborate if it was fair not to give an Oscar to Angie’s darling. However, I do like Sean Penn (though I’m not sure why…) and I liked the fact he was the winner. That was the only surprise of the night.

Best moments of the ceremony:
-Sean Penn crying while Ledger’s family accepting the Oscar.
-Gay screenwriter crying while Penn accepting the Oscar.
-Kate Winslet crying. Whenever.
-Look on some guy’s face when he saw Sophia Loren (or her dress).
-Beginning of Sean Penn’s speech.

Worst moments of the ceremony:
-Lame jokes.
-Javier Bardem MIA
-The remaining of Sean Penn’s speech.

Alright, Hands Up

This thing IS sick, I know… But it’s also terribly funny. I guess I just like anything that’s at least a bit absurd. And I love absurd jokes, those are the best if you ask me. And even if a joke (or anything, really) is not absurd- don’t worry, I’ll find an absurd element to laugh at.

So, I just had to post this clip. I love Gary Oldman and Sean Penn, and they’re both great in this (though I enjoyed Gary’s character more), and the film itself (“State of Grace”) was not that bad at all (though I’d never watch a movie with a tagline “The Irish Mob in New York” if it wasn’t for Gary and Sean).

Of course, this is not a Monty Python kind of an absurd joke… It’s not an absurd joke per se at all. However, I find the little things so amusing, the look on Sean Penn’s face, pictures of naked women on the refrigerator and – for some reason – the best of all, “they’re in, they’re in” line.


“Into The Wild” soundtrack

into the wild albumDon’t get me wrong. I love Eddie Vedder. I like his voice (faaar away from being perfect, especially in the past few years, but still deep and enchanting), I love his lyrics and even I love his rants (he’ll soon break Fidel’s 7-hour-of-non-stop-talking record).

But huh… An album less than 40 minutes?

“Into the wild” soundtrack is Ed’s first “official” solo effort and yes, music is different than Pearl Jam. It’s more earthy, more acoustic, more atmospheric… But that doesn’t hide that fact that there are only a few “real” songs on the album. Yes, I know it’s a soundtrack. Yes, I know that main purpose of these tracks is to add a bit of atmosphere to screen action. Yes, I KNOW they fit great into the film (I’ll trust other people one this one; movie itself gained many positive reviews btw).

But, once again, it’s not fair. It’s not fair to play a track, feel its atmosphere and then it’s over, just like that. After 58 second or something. Or one minute and 19 seconds. I guess it was done deliberately; music was created following exact movie scenes. Still, I need more than two minutes to be satisfied, you know.

On the other hand, I really like atmosphere of this album. My personal favourites are “No Ceiling” (… sure as I am breathing, sure as I’m sad), “Long nights”, “Guaranteed” and “The wolf” (yes, the wolf. I’m weird).

PS- According to some rumors, Ed shot a video (!!!!! 0_0 !!!!) for “Guaranteed”. We’ll see. (Just skip demonic kids in forests, worms and sculls and you’ll be fine).