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Instead of a smart post, you get this


I’m having some Internet problems. Being a junkie, it’s not fun.
Hey, this could actually be a nice short story, don’t you think?

I was planning a post on great male voices (I stole the idea from Mariana), but I had to refresh my connection so many times, and start that post from scratch, that I finally gave up.

$%@#$ !!!

The last week wasn’t fun- I was sick. I had problems with my sinuses, which gave me headaches. I was sneezing the whole day, I was sleepy all the time and generally felt like shit. I am feeling better now, but I am still sleepy and sick. Which means I’m in a crappy mood, of course.

Good movie time?

Somehow, I managed to watch not one, but two great movies (and one average) and to appreciate their greatness (despite the headache). Two of those actually made my top 10 lists of the decade. (Speaking of which: You do realize, don’t you, that 2010 is the last year of the decade, not the first of a new decade? But 2000 had so many great movies that I included them on the list).

What’s up with all this movie talk? The Oscar season, of course! As you know Bob, I am not into globalization, Hollywood “glamour” and a all that crap… But I watch it anyway. Not that I believe it means something, of course. (After “Shakeaspeare in Love”, at least).

Her husband looks like… (read below)

I had less luck with books. The local library doesn’t have anything meaningful that I haven’t read before. So I ended up with- gasp!- chick lit. Yes, I know, I know. In my defense, I caught a cold and I feel like crap, you know. But you’re right: those books didn’t help.

One was particularly ridiculous, written in first person POV. On page 35 or something, she wrote: “There was my husband. He really looked like Jude Law”. No kidding. I stopped reading. It was way too much. How come this crap gets published? On the other hand, I’ve seen worse. (Read: Twilight). So yeah.