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My site is getting more visitors

My website is getting more and more visitors! It’s still relatively unknown, but it’s not like nobody ever heard of it. It currently has a Google page rank of 3, and, for the first time, people are searching of it: one of the top searches this week was “jefflion.net”. It means some people remember it and want to find it, as the opposite of arriving here after a random search on lions, Jeff Ament or Stephenie Meyer.

Also, I’d like to use this opportunity welcome (again) all of my new readers (both lurkers and commenters)! :)

Most popular pages these days

(See Sidebar).

Women and casual sex still rules… I don’t think anything here could get more popular than that. People are also interested in my post on Danny Boyle’s movie “Sunshine” and/or Cillian Murphy (one of the most popular searches this week was “sexy Cillian Murphy” <- no kidding). Spittings also seem to be really popular, particularly “Twilight” spittings. (I wasn’t aware this crap is still popular). Certain articles, such as “Bad personal content”, or “Bad visitor content” also seem to be popular, as well as my pretty uninteresting Goodies section (not that “Adopt-a-butt” game isn’t cool on itself).

One of the most surprising thing, though, was popularity of my introspective post “Things I don’t write about”. I guess it shows, contrary what I believed, that visitors are interested in reading more about the blog owner, even if it’s personal. Will have to think about this.

What to do when you have 2 days off

Some useful advice:

  • Sleep in.
  • Don’t do anything in particular. Because you can.
  • Go to movies. Watch something profound or entertaining, but not obviously crappy (no romantic comedies, action films or parodies).
  • Listen to the music that was popular when you were 14 and that you considered crappy at the time. It’s still crappy, but at least you get to remember your early teens.
  • Visit blogs, comment, update your own website.
  • Make love to your loved one.
  • Eat popcorn. Lots of it.
  • Think about your novel. Plan it. Research. Daydream. Then plan and research again. Then daydream. And daydream a little more. It’s good for writing. It’s necessary.
  • Go to bed at 4 AM. Because you can.
  • Relax, take it easy. Don’t try to do way too many things.

Well, it looks like I did follow those tips this weekend (well, most of it). My husband and I are going to cinema tonight (to get a proper watching of “Sherlock Holmes”, because we decided watching a fun film again is better than giving more money to something we are sure it’s not really our thing (“Avatar”). But I will watch “Avatar” and talk about it- just not at the moment. For now, I want to relax, have fun, do nothing and don’t think about anything really profound… Except my novel.

Bonus track: 25 things I learned reading “Twilight”

This is a long overdue, last (?) installment of “Twilight” spitttings. So I realized it’s best to post them here first, then move them to their appropriate page in the spittings section.

  1. Sex with a vampire can kill you, but only if it’s premarital.
  2. Abusive, controlling behaviour is ok as long as it’s “true love”.
  3. So is pedophilia.
  4. Women are inferior to men.
  5. If they’re not, they’re infertile.
  6. Bad people are ugly, good people are beautiful (even if they don’t find themselves pretty and bitch about that all the time).
  7. Kids treat their parents as crap.
  8. It’s possible to be non-white and attractive (in a wild, uncivilized way), but it’s not nearly as attractive as being pale and white.
  9. In order to know anything about cars and sports, you must posses Y chromosome.
  10. If your boyfriend of 6 months leaves you, it’s perfectly ok to become suicidal.
  11. Blond females are stupid, bitchy and mean. All of them.
  12. Using swear words is bad, but stalking someone isn’t.
  13. Desire to have sex is a good enough reason to get married.
  14. Girls don’t need any skills apart from cooking, and no ambition apart of finding a man.
  15. Clumsiness is attractive. Safety helmets are sexy.
  16. People with bad complexion are not worth your attention.
  17. In order to feel smart, you should read classics such as Jane Austin and Shakespeare. You don’t have to understand a word of what you’ve read, though.
  18. Being forced into a relationship is romantic.
  19. Obsession and lust are easily confused for a true love.
  20. It’s perfectly ok for a father to hate his own child.
  21. Policemen are cowards.
  22. Being older than your boyfriend is a major disaster.
  23. It’s perfectly ok to neglect your child if you want to have sex.
  24. Logic is highly overrated.
  25. In order to sell a book, you don’t need any talent, writing skills or an editor.

Dva do

(Read the post’s title as: 2do)

Ok, I had a lot of work to do these days. Both online and offline. I still have to think about several papers I must write, and I am not quite sure about the subjects, yet. Have to think of something semi-interesting at least.

Ugly weather. Grrrr…
It really hard for me to think with the weather like this. It’s really, REALLY cold, and it was sunny just 3 days ago. Ugh! Sometimes, I hate autumn. Well, not autumn itself, but the coooold weather. Sure, my allergies are under control now, and I often get nostalgic during these months… Which is both a good and a bad thing. Getting way too nostalgic and emotional is not good, because I can easily become depressed. I can’t think when I’m in a cranky mood (who can?) and that makes me useless.

Article for Site glamour contest
Other than that, I found some time to write an article for “Site Glamour contest”. I chose a pretty generic topic, I am afraid, but that’s the only one I could write about. After all, I don’t know anything about two of the subjects, and the last one could get too personal.

Twilight rants will become “Spittings”
Oh, and I am so proud (in a lolwut way) my “Twilight” rants are getting popular, so I’ve decided to move them to “Spittings” and give them a section of their own. I’ll polish my reviews and add a few additional rants. First have to read “Breaking Dawn”, though. I’m lazy. I read the first part (Bella) and, while it wasn’t as boring as the previous novels, it sure looked horrible and even more resembled a fanfiction written by a 12 year old. Oh, well.

Promoting abstinence?
But at least I think I understand why these crappy books became so popular… It’s really easy to please teenage audience, that’s for sure; all you have to do is write about a hot guy. But an ugly reason behind “Twilight” success was the fact publishers (or whoever is guilty) thought those novels promote abstinence and therefore are safe for young American girls to read. Ok, I admit, I am not a particular fan of abstinence programs and I do not think they work, but in any case, these books are not “safe” for kids to read. First of all, those books don’t promote abstinence; if nothing, they show teenagers get sexually frustrated and therefore marry at the age of 18 just to have sex. Second of all, abstinence or not, these novels promote many bad and unhealthy things, such as abusive relationships, obsessive and controlling behavior, child neglecting and selfishness. Not to mention pedophilia.

Now, I am sure Meyer herself didn’t want to promote all those bizarre things; she is simply a really untalented writer who doesn’t know how to make a point even when she wants. But still, what were editors/publishers/parents thinking???