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I am 28. Happy birthday to me

MememeIt’s my birthday today. Ok, it’s only 35 minutes left until today is not “today” anymore, but still. June 1st. 28 (!!!!!!) years ago, I was just an underweight baby, born one day before the due. And one day before my mother’s birthday. I had black hair and looked like my dad.

Today, my hair is lighter, and I even have some gray hairs (oh yes, I’m getting old). I wear glasses and I refuse to believe I’m fat (like some people try to convince me). Shut the fuck up. It’s not my problem curves are not popular anymore. It’s not my problem I don’t have a body of a white woman. It’s not my problem if someone thought the last sentence was racist.

I had a nice birthday today. Nothing really exciting, but relaxing. No fuss or fighting, or anxiety and stuff like that. I watched a film. I joined many fanlistings (I tried to join a fanlisting for sex but I failed, they didn’t include my website- my mistake I guess – but when I tried to update, my info was lost. I hope it will reappear somehow.) I searched for hot pictures of Liam Gallagher (but failed to find any, which didn’t really surprise me). I listened NIN’s “Just Like You Imagined” for about 47 times in a row. Relaxing stuff like that.

Finally, my computer gave me a nice birthday present: a spyware! Well, not sure how that shit is called (spyware, virus, malware), but it was really, really cute when it tried 3472589347598 times to convince me to buy a fake anti virus program. It took me nice 45 minutes or more to remove it.

Like I mentioned, it’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow, the big 60. I promised her I’ll (illegally) download some music she likes, the only problem is, she doesn’t really know which songs she likes. That’s right, I didn’t mention illegal downloads as a problem. Not that I do that… often anyway. I am a good girl. Woman. Whatever.