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The Hobbit is Now a Trilogy (a Rant)

Those who know me better know how much of a Tolkien geek I am. Seriously. LotR is one of my favourite books. You get the idea. So you bet I’m interested in the movie adaptation of the Hobbit, despite the fact I wasn’t crazy about LotR movies.

But hey, the music and visuals were perfect, so it’s worth checking out. Also, the first trailer seemed good, even though it was obvious they went for a darker atmosphere. They’re not going with the Hobbit novel – they’re trying to make a more epic story, more in line with LotR. I never though it was a good way to go, but I was willing to accept it.

But now it seems they (and by “they”, I’m not sure who I mean: Peter Jackson? The studio?) decided to change the plan for two movies and make trilogy instead. That’s right: suddenly, there’s another movie, supposedly made becuase “there was way too much filmed material”.

What. The. Fuck. ???

You don’t do something like this. You just don’t. You can’t just change the plan mid-way and suddenly decide to make three movies instead of two. First of all, you wrapped the movies a few weeks ago. Second of all, the premiere is in December – which means it’s too late to change the first movie now. So does that mean the second movie will be stretched to two? WTF? Even if they use the material available at the Appendix, there’s just not enough of events to justify three fucking movies.

This isn’t LotR. The structure of the story, the characters, the whole narrative – it’s so different. Even if you slap a darker atmosphere it’s still not epic enough to justify a trilogy. You can’t make people go through three movies to see a completed story – this small adventure story. What was Peter Jackson thinking? Is it about the money, is that it?

Finally, does this mean we have to wait till 2014 to see Smaug?