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Trying to Come Back from a Hiatus

I will have to think what to do with this blog/website. I mean, I am on a hiatus, I suppose, though none of it was planned. I am just spending too much time on Tumblr (you can find me on Jefflion.tumblr.com) and I didn’t really have time to dedicate to this blog much.

Also, this website is 7 years old, and as such, certain things are very outdated here. As fun as looking back may seem, in many ways, I want different things from a personal website than I did back in 2007. I keep wanting to make Jefflion into a writing/review blog or the like. I want to start writing interesting blog posts and the like, as often as I find the time.

I admire certain people’s ability to blog on a regular basis. I always feel bad for neglecting my website. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s – paradoxically – because I care too much and I don’t want just “anything” posted here. Which usually means I won’t post anything.

Anyway, I will probably try to change a few things here, add/delete certain pages, etc. Make a different organization, perhaps. I will also try to blog more about stuff such as writing or other things I’m interested in – you know, stuff I usually do on Tumblr. I guess I will try to connect Tumblr and this blog as much as I can because I feel pretty relaxed on Tumblr and I like it there, but it’s not my personal website and I love jefflion.net dearly, even thought I don’t always show it.

In other news, I am doing my PhD in Canada, so that’s something to talk about (I suppose). I arrived about a month ago (only a month ago? I can’t believe it) and so far, it just seems… familiar. Everything is so familiar, in a good way I mean. I am waiting for a culture shock but it’s not coming. None of it is a bad thing but I didn’t expect it.

I am back! And I miss Internet

Mmm…. I’m back. I guess nobody realized, but I was away for a few weeks. Mentally, I mean. So, no vacations or fun, but the opposite. Well, when you’re a student, you must make some sacrifices, and naturally, Internet is the first one.

I miss my website and my online friends. I do know this sounds lame (a bit?), but it’s the fact. Sure, I miss my offline (real life) friends and family, that goes without saying. And it’s, well, normal. The Internet thing is a bit weird, I guess. I think I might be addicted to Internet, just a little bit.

So, I miss:
Facebook. Yes, Facebook. I miss silly games which (occasionally) make your computer freeze, block and restart (examples: YoVille, FarmVille, MyFarm). I miss the silly game that originally made me a Facebook fan: (fluff)Friends. There’s a new art competition. I might send a few of my works. I miss the people. I miss sending Gary silly Oldman.

My friends’ websites. And I do mean on Invisible-Movement.net here, though I’d love Iva to make something about her personal website. And her collective. Yes, you know what I mean. I want ****shittes. I want them now! And I love visiting other people’s sites, too.

Go.info forum. I miss the ladies, and I miss the Oldman news (see above). I miss playing “character of the day” game, or whatever is called. I miss getting Norman Stansfield as my result. And Dracula. And oh, Drexl. One mustn’t forget about him.

My websites. I have so many ideas, I want to work on my new layout. And to finally put a layout for my fanlisting collective!

Internet in general. Especially all the pointless, silly, weird websites you can find out there. Here. You get the idea.

Ok, I guess all this doesn’t really make much sense… It’s more of a “real” diary entry than a blog post… I guess it didn’t make sense to most of the readers (if there are some), sorry about that. I do my best to avoid confusing entries, but sometimes I fail miserably.

PS- I’ve just heard the news… R.I.P. Karl Malden (Mladen Sekulovi?). He was 97.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m still stinky (and sweet?) so I have to take a shower before the BIG celebration (read: watching stupid trash TV series, such as “Wounded eagle”- don’t ask).

So, happy New Year, guys. May the hair on your feet never fall out.

PS-The best books of 2008 (well, at least to me, since I read them in 2008): Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” and Toni Morrison’s “Jazz”. They’re among the best books I’ve ever read. As for films, “Tropic Thunder” was brilliant in its weirdness, and I have to go with the “Atonement” again. Joe Wright is one of the few directors who actually understand the literature and how to transform its magic to the big screen. Best music of 2008? Hmmm… Now I have to think about this. Well, I guess I have to go with “Ken Lee” here.

PPS- I’ll try to update jefflion more often and add new things. :)

WordPress upgrade

So, I decided to upgrade WordPress, because I was bored. No, actually, this site was a bit slow, and “they” promised it’s gonna be much faster with 2.5.

Good news: it IS faster. And I managed to upgrade it in 3 minutes or so, without any crap, errors, messed code and similar beauties.

Bad news: I really don’t see any super-new features (pere-pegla-puši features as we say here). Same old crap, but editor, aka wp-admin looks nice. But hey, at least it’s fast. That all I wanted.

PS-I’m still addicted to last.fm. That’s (like) the most amazing (like) site in teh univerze! (LOL!)
Who knew.

New Layout!

As you can see, jefflion has a new suit. I worked really hard on this layout; while it’s far away from being perfect, it is really dear to me. Bare in mind it’s not 100% finished, I still have to add some links and fix a few things.

Now, take a look at the picture. There are a few interesting things on the desk. Among usual stuff, such as paper, clips and notes, there are some more interesting details. One of them is, of course, vinyl. NO, the sign on it does not say “penis”, read carefully! It’s PEIMS. Once again: P E I M S.

There are also photos, very dear to me, and they are taken by Mrgud. Yes, that’s me sitting on a bench near river. Other interesting thing is, of course, address on the envelope and, the best of all, scratches. Can you identify them? Other than obvious “jefflion.net”, there are more “mysterious” ones.

Beside layout image, there are more new things, such as random lyrics at the bottom and the Wall on the right.

The wall is full of important, interesting and unique things. Ok, not all of the links are unique, but many of them are :P Check out the wall, it’s a cute little thing. Or something like that.

PS-I should really write a more serious, political post, but I just can’t make myself do it. Next time, I guess.