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Weird website search

What’s considered to be a “weird website search” is highly subjective, but ways people find this site are sometimes pretty strange.

Not to mention there’s nothing- I repeat: nothing here that would be useful to people searching for, say, “Gary Oldman gay pictures”. Yes, that was an actual search. And no, I have no idea how “they” got here, since, well… You get the idea.

Some of the more interesting recent searches:

  • “edward and bella” “lack of chemistry”
  • frusciante “social situations”
  • Gary Oldman gay pictures (Is there something I should know about?)
  • twilight forest scene
  • my life is awkward mira mira
  • buva can i see you?
  • jacob rape hard core twilight (Didn’t you mean: “Edward rape”?)
  • black guys do it right
  • jeff ament sexy
  • freckles dark hair (Really? Me too)