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Jefflion.net Redesign

Finally, the moment you’ve been all waiting for (or not): Jefflion has a new layout and a new WordPress theme! It took me a while, but I’m finally here. Hope you like the new design and it will hopefully make me blog more.


It’s interesting to note that this is only the second layout in the website’s 5+ years history.  It’s obvious I don’t really like to change layouts/designs often, but the old one was outdated and with deprecated code, AND the WordPress theme didn’t have widgets and other fine stuff. So I figured it was a perfect time for change.

This is a work in progress. I still have some work to do, so please be patient. It’s possible to encounter errors, design elements overlapping, missing files, 404 pages and other problems. I’m working on it.

Also, there is still some serious work to do, namely:

Updating the pages (personal, goodies, domain, etc.) Most of them are horribly outdated and last touched years ago. I need to sort this out and make additional content.

Add credits (for icons, vectors, base code, etc.)

Responsive theme. At the moment, this WP theme is not responsive (meaning: it looks crap on tablets and mobile devices). I should work on it.

Fixing layout problems. I tested the theme in major browsers and it looks presentable (or semi-presentable) in most, but there are sure some issues I need to deal with.

Other stuff: fixing other minor problems.

But all in all, this is it and I am happy to present the new layout & WP theme. I do hope it will make me blog more often; the lack of updates are inexcusable!

Hope you like the new theme (and that it works for you. If not – drop me a line).


Web trends of 2008

Another website year is behind us, and so are the web trends. It makes me think of all the stuff that changed in TEH world of personal websites. Do you even remember all those i-frames, coloured scrollbars, vexel layouts, me, you www navigation?

Web trends and Past web trends are among most popular pages here, so I really feel I should write another article- “web trends of 2008″. As usual, when I say “web trends”, I actually mean “personal websites and their trends”.

Web trends of 2008

Speaking of web trends, 2008 was somewhat boring year. There are no major web trends that revolutionized personal website community, unlike 2005-2006, when people suddenly discovered CSS and WordPress. However, there are some things that most of the personal sites tend to follow these days.

Blogs, blogs, blogs

We all know blogging community is pretty strong, but I guess 2008 was the year when blogs finally managed to fully conquer personal websites. While it’s perfectly ok to have a blog on your personal site, I do have to wonder… Does blog have to be THE ONLY thing on your site? Don’t get me wrong, crappy tutorials were… crappy tutorials, but at least they required some extra work as a webmaster. Today, everybody and their aunt’s tomato have a blog. Even if you love blogs and enjoy reading 462346439024 of them daily (I don’t)- a blog is not a synonym for a personal website.

“Clean” layouts

Since most of the people use WordPress these days (and nobody really knows how to create a theme from scratch), it’s easier to have a neat, “clean” layout by editing a WordPress theme. Not knowing how to code a theme yourself is not a crime, but people… Could you just add a little bit of originality? When I go to your website (blog), I want to see a personal touch… Something that wouldn’t suit other people, or a small company.

Large font

Several years ago, the most popular font was Tahoma 8px (or something like that). I have crappy vision, so bigger is better for me… I don’t care if your website (blog) looks prettier with smaller font-keep it big! This is a nice trend, keep up the good work.

.me domains

Montenegro is a small European country that, not so long ago, was part of Yugoslavia. Due to the fact that “me” means, well… “me” in English, people from all over the world gained a new interest in the Balkans. A positive one, for a change.

Large Footers

Not so long ago, footer was, if present, a small part of a website layout, where you’d put words like: “copyright Jane Smith 2007″. Not today! Footers have become larger and larger, and people put more and more stuff there, including links, images, and even website & personal information. I bet there’s even a site with navigation located in its footer.

Even more blogs

Having one personal blog is not enough. That’s why people create separate blog for their fanfiction, blog for their pets, blog for their memes and quizzes, blog for their photographs, blog for the books they’ve read (music, films…), blog for recipes, blog for their car, blog for their blog.


Other 2008 trends include Facebook obsession, twitter.com, even more plugboards, 300+ people on blogroll, no visitor content and simple (if any) layout images.

Sites which refuse to follow these trends

(… which doesn’t mean they don’t follow others):


WordPress upgrade

So, I decided to upgrade WordPress, because I was bored. No, actually, this site was a bit slow, and “they” promised it’s gonna be much faster with 2.5.

Good news: it IS faster. And I managed to upgrade it in 3 minutes or so, without any crap, errors, messed code and similar beauties.

Bad news: I really don’t see any super-new features (pere-pegla-puši features as we say here). Same old crap, but editor, aka wp-admin looks nice. But hey, at least it’s fast. That all I wanted.

PS-I’m still addicted to last.fm. That’s (like) the most amazing (like) site in teh univerze! (LOL!)
Who knew.