Choosing a domain name

If you’re choosing a name for your personal site/collective, it has to be something that has a deep meaning to you. There’s no point in picking a random phrase, even if it’s catchy. It has to be unique and original; but more than anything, it has to be somehow related to YOU and your personality.

By all means, refrain from using “cool” or “popular” phrases, unless they are really something related to you. This includes words such as: diamond, heaven, fantasy, illusion, angelic, dreamy, kitty, toxic, love, star, poetic, kawaii, melodic, memories, immortal etc. Another thing to avoid is using “oh!-s” “blah-s” and other similar words (is “blah” a word anyway?). For some reason, there are still people (in most of the cases, born after 1995) who find names such as “”, or “”, or “even” really interesting and original. Don’t be one of those people.

Speaking of which: do not ever use any of those “domain name ideas” you can find on other people’s sites. Those names are, in most of the cases, generated simply to have one more page of visitor content, and usually are all stolen from the same source, or registered ages ago. Most of them are useless anyway- they generally include corny words such as those mentioned above.

On the other hand, don’t reject a name which is really related to your personality just because it contains one of the popular words. If you’re in doubt, ask yourself: do you want to include word “illusion” because you’re referring to an actual event/state of mind/favourite poem/ something really related to you, or because it sounds “deep” and “mysterious”? The line between these two is not always clear, but you should do your best to determine what you really want. If you are unable to explain to your visitors (or, more important, to yourself) why you chose a particular domain name, don’t bother registering it. There’s no point in having 20+ domains just because you can afford it, nor to change a domain name every year because you got bored with your previous choice.

Five quick tips

  1. Domain name should be memorable, but if you and your site are really special, people won’t have any problems in remembering, if necessary.
  2. Not all one-word domains are taken- especially if you invent a word yourself. But by all means, make sure it’s something of an obvious spelling.
  3. Hyphens are okay, but make sure they’re placed at the right position. My-site is the right way to go, mysi-te is not.
  4. Numbers in domain names are not a good idea. Numbers instead of letters in domain names are always THE WORST idea., anybody?
  5. For heaven’s sake, don’t use .org domains for blogs or similar sites! Organize a larger project, at least a review site or a hosting domain if you really want to own an .org domain.

… And a special note

I bet you still remember the famous .nu domain trend. It was a question of “honor” and, more than anything, pure fashion, to own at least one .nu domain. Maybe there’s a more subtle reason behind .nu domains explosion, but that remains a mystery to me.

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