Bad personal content

Personal content can be boring, overused and generic just like content for visitors. There are so many things copied from site to site that makes me wonder if there’s anything really personal left in them. Some of the over (ab)used things in personal sections are:

ABC of me

This was an interesting way to introduce yourself. Perhaps. The thing is, at one point, about 99.6% sites had it instead of an introduction.

Playlist & co

While is somewhat interesting to learn about other people’s musical taste, generating a long list of your favourite songs, musicians, CDs, DVDs is pointless & boring. Even worse, perhaps, is displaying info on what you’re listening right now. THE worst this is playing your favourite songs as background music of your site. If you want to tell us about your musical taste, write a page about it. Try to explain why you like that band or this singer and what they mean to you.

Endless lists of favourites

Same as the above one. (But music lists are particularly annoying, so I gave them a special paragraph). Endless lists of your favourite books, movies, celebrities, food etc are generally confusing and boring. It’s really hard to read through a long list. Lists don’t say anything about you. But if you really want to have those, make short lists (5 items or so).

Quiz results

Although I love quizzes (I will take any pointless two question quiz if I’m in the mood), it doesn’t mean you should post them as your personal content. The fact that you’re sorted in Gryffindor or scored 88% on “how compatible are you with Justin Timberlake” (eeew), doesn’t tell anything about you. If you want to post a few quizzes for weirdos like me, just do it, make a few links at your links page. People will still think your content is pointless, but at least you’ll make someone happy. (By the way, I am Grunge as hell, and that’s not as exciting as it sounds. It’s more stinky, actually).


This crap was never interesting. No, it wasn’t. Not even if your real name was reealy kinky. Speaking of which, did you know that Mira is a hot nude Indian teen, and a good gift idea for those looking to blow several hundred dollars. Now when I think of it’ this crap DOES make sense. Leave it on your site and be proud.

Awards, gifts, dollZ, adoptions

Funny (?) shit, but it’s not really personal content. I know you’d love to include all the gifts and awards and dollz you adopted, but that’s not something you could call a personal content.

Surveys. Especially “this-or-that” type of survey.

Self explanatory. Yes, it is.

None of these speak about you. Write a short, but interesting biography, or a page about your favourite movie. In any case, stay away from lists. Show your personality and don’t be afraid to tell what you really think. Don’t forget that a personal site should have a personal touch and unique feeling. Tell us about something that matters to you. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything serious, but it has to be something that you find interesting to tell.

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