Web trends

Commercial websites have some, web portals have others, and even search engines tend to follow some trends. Same goes for personal sites. One thing is certain- trends change pretty fast.

Some trends look pretty natural, as if they were with us forever- for example, visitor content on personal sites. Other have a mysterious origin, such as trend of “me, you, www” navigation. Usually, web trends last no more than a year, to be replaced with another catchy thing.


Validating your site is a good thing. But why on the Earth you HAVE TO place validating result on your site? Anybody can have “valid (X)HTML” button- it’s not a big deal. The funniest thing is, most of those sites are actually full of errors. So, what’s the point? You should not validate your pages just to show other people how great you are; you validate pages because you want to see if you made some mistakes and improve your site.

Tableless layouts

When people say “tableless layouts”, they usually mean on so-called “CSS pure layouts”. Technically, all of the layouts should be built using only CSS, since Cascading Style Sheets are made for defining page’s style. Meaning: no tables, no internal style sheets. So, this is a good trend. Just pay attention to margins and other potentially tricky stuff that work different for different browsers.


I am not much of a blog fan. Technically, you can use a blog to get to know a webmaster, but chances are that blog entries are random, containe pointless stuff such as shopping “adventures” and details about every single second of someone’s day. I don’t have anything against blogs, really, but please, try to make them as intelligent as possible. In many cases, blogs can be a big put-off.

Making your own scripts

Those are usually php scripts. But before you start, ask yourself: do I know what I’m doing? Bare in mind that there are major security issues with php if not coded correctly. Do you really want to be responsible for a major hackers attack? And if you do know php, make something unique. We don’t really need another “random quote” script.

Beauty tips

As far as I know, those were introduced at blossom.nu. For some reason, this trend spreads pretty fast. Many teenyboppers offer beauty and fashion advice, usually copied from a magazine. Is this a good trend? Not likely.


Writing about your opinions is, in fact, all what a personal site should be. Unfortunately, there are some popular issues everybody writes about, and I bet half of the time people don’t really have a clue what they’re talking about. Full article here.

Unrequested site reviews

As far as I know, those were first introduced at jemjabella.co.uk. The reviews are unrequested because webmaster usually doesn’t have a clue that their sites are reviewed. Usually, people review only sites they dislike; some people review sites if they hate their webmasters. Anyways, it’s slowly becoming a new web trend. We’ll see if it’s going to last.

Other trends

Other popular trends include: making photography portfolios (even if you’re just a lazy amateur who will take shots of anything just to create a large “stock images” section), recipes, 75×50 codes, weird-angled photos (“emo” style), web ribbons (such as “make poverty history”) and advertising on personal sites. For your own good, try not to use any of those.

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