Bad visitor content

Bad visitor content usually includes:

readsForwards and other reads

Email forwards are usually pain in the ass. Yes, I know it’s pretty easy to copy forwards and paste them onto your web page… But what’s the point? Nobody reads that crap anyway.

The same goes for “useless facts” pages. It was interesting to read those facts first time they appeared, but nowadays, they’re all copied from the same source. Yes, we all know it’s impossible to lick your own elbow. Find something new.

guess the...Guess the…

As for “Guess the (celebrity, movie, song, lyric, animal, etc)” games, perhaps they were interesting and original once, but those days are over. If you have any form of “Guess the…” on your site, delete it. Chances are that you won’t find any interesting subject for the game anyway. (Celebrities, movies, lyrics, animals, numbers, models- even Photoshop effects- all been done). Think of an interactive game that’s unique.

dollmakerDoll makers

Doll makers are a fun thing if you’re 8 years old. Besides, chances are that there are about 10000+ dollmakers out there; we don’t really need yours. And if you really can’t live without dollZ, try to think of an ORIGINAL idea.

B-day lists

This was a funny little game, but everybody seems to have one. And nobody sends presents anymore, which means the game is there only to have some sort of visitor content.

free codeOffering free avatars, buttons and hiatus signs

It’s nice if you want to offer your work, but free avatars and icons are, in most of the cases, of poor quality and just slapped in 10 seconds. Plus, they’re often made of stolen celebrity photos and not copyrighted by you.

JavaScript games

Generic content! If you really want to have JavaScript games, do your homework and find some that are not overused. So, no tic tac toe. No mind readers. No blackjack. No “typing tests” (or whatever you call that game).

scanlines Crappy tutorials

Yes, there are many, many crappy tutorials. Some of the most abused are: scanlines making, softening images using Gaussian blur, creating brushes, transparent I-frame code, CSS link effects, PHP snippets and PHP includes. Oh, and I almost forgot about no right click code in JavaScript!

Delete all the overused tutorials, tutorials that you stole from other people, tutorials that you don’t really understand, and generally all the other things you created simply to have more tutorials. Re-write all the tuts that are written in a from of: “1. Do this. 2. Go here. 3. Type that. 4.And you’re done!” That’s not helpful at all. The goal is to teach people something new; give them a knowledge they can expand.

In other words…

Get rid of all generic crap that increase your total page count, but doesn’t benefit your image as a webmaster, nor as a person. Don’t make a visitor section just because you want to get many hits. Crappy tutorials and generic content will not bring you visitors.

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