A story of Jeff and lions

As you probably realized by now, there are no lions on this site. It’s hard to find Jeff either. So, in short: my name is not Jeff, and I don’t own any lions. Jefflion is an inside joke, a very stupid one. A very stupid one that made me laugh for about 3 hours straight. Enough reasons for naming my domain.

Jefflion is short for “Jeff Ament looks like a lion”, a very, very deep and meaningful saying that survived from the ancient times. It takes years to study all of its meanings, so don’t expect me to explain it straight away. You have to figure it yourself. All I can say is that Jeff Ament is bassist of Pearl Jam (and Mother Love Bone and Green River and Temple of the Dog…). Lion (Panthera leo) is an animal, a member of the family Felidae, genus Panthera.

It’s really important to understand one thing, though. “Jefflion” should be read as one word. One word only! So, it’s not jeff lion. Noo! It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s: jefflion! *and don’t forget “dot net” after it.

PS- This site is in no way affiliated with Jeff Ament or lions, Jeff Leon Bridges, or Jeff Lion Weinstock. Don’t send fan mails and hate mails this way, but you can send free bass picks or savanna grass (mmmm grass…) Expect many grammar mistakes- my English sucks.

Details nobody’s really interested to read

This domain was registered on September 12th 2007. Around 5 PM (GMT+1), though I’m not completely sure about the exact time. My friend Iva is hosting me, and in return, I am rustling with her. Which means I don’t accept hosting requests since I’m hosted myself. Oh, one more thing… This is actually not my first domain. The first one, was really, really dear to me, but I lost it because I didn’t pay for renewal. I wanted, but I was out of money. Now, that sucks.


If you want to exchange links, ask questions, make a butt donation or give me a present (wink, wink), use the form below. I will answer all non-spam emails, just give me some time. (Speaking of spam, it will be ignored. I don’t need a bigger penis- or a penis at all, thanks for asking).

I don’t want to reveal my email address here, although it’s painfully obvious. The form should be working for everybody.

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Looking forward to your emails and questions. :)


The site was built using Notepad, and it’s powered by WordPress. It’s HTML 4.01 transitional. It passed validation, but there might be (in fact, there are) some errors. This site doesn’t deserve “validated” sticker. It’s tested in most common browsers and resolutions, I hope you don’t have any problems in viewing it. I designed the layout, but the core is Pinky (3till7) theme, since I’m not good in turning layouts into WP themes. Many people does that, but only modest ones like me would admit it. Layout was created using various Photoshop tutorials, such as ones located at psdtuts.

I created whole desk image, along with paper, clips, vinyl and scratches.
Photographs that appear on “desk” were taken by Mrgud, and are really dear to
me. Lion image located at this page was taken from stockvault. Icons: famfam. General site images: Other images that appear on the blog are not copyrighted by me, and they are here only to illustrate my reviews and opinions. They fall within “fair use” (or so I’ve heard). They’re mainly promo photos that I use in my reviews.


Ok, so, what is the point of this domain anyway? Well, to be honest, there isn’t a big, ambitious mission behind this project (um, you CAN call this a project, right?) This domain was meant to be my home on the web, as well as place for my ramblings and sites, that’s all. I don’t want to win popularity contests, though I it would be nice to have a visitor from time to time.

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