This is my (so called) downloads page. Grab all the items you like and find useful. Some All of them are really old, but perhaps you can find a proper use for them.


butt Butt adoption butt

Pixel Adoptions

I hate to be unoriginal, but I just had to do this. Sure, I suck when it comes to pixeling, but that’s not a good reason for excluding adoptions. After all, these are really cute, now aren’t they? And, like, every personal site should (like) have them. Riiight?

Birthday constellations

Paint shop Pro Masks

Masks are very handy: they can save you a lot of time, and make some complicated effect more easier to make. Click a mask image to download it. Unzip the file to your PSP Masks folder, which is usually located at: C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro\Masks. If Masks folder doesn’t exist, create one inside of your Paint Shop Pro folder. Unzip your mask(s) there. And that’s all- masks should appear on the list! :) NOTE: these masks are created in PSP 7, but I believe they work in any other versions of Paint Shop Pro.

download masks

Two PSP Tubes

Not really the pretties ones you can find on the web, but still likable enough. Little butterflies!!!

download tubes

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