It’s wonderful to see you here! This is first and (hopefully) only butt
adoption page on the net. Have fun!

Terms of Use

Take whatever butt suits your fancy, but bare in mind: I was the one who created those images, and therefore each butt is technically- mine. Meaning: do NOT claim them as your own. Do not alter butt images and claim that you’ve created them.

You must link back. Well, “must” is a strong word, but you got the idea. Direct linking allowed, but please don’t abuse.

Take as many butts as you wish, but don’t steal butt idea. You may not have your own Butt Adoption page, not even if you create your pixel images. (Because, you know, this idea is so special and unique). However, you may create your own butts from the scratch and donate them to me. I will credit you, of course, and won’t claim copyright on those butts.

Just a note: butt adoption page first appeared in January 2005 and it’s pretty bad-coded, as you can see.


Right- click to save your butt.


Simple 1 Simple 2 Simple 3


Shitty pink Shitty yellow Singing butt


Angel, Devil, Alien, Baby

Angel Devil Alien Baby

Holliday butts

Birthday, Santa, Halloween

Birthday Santa Halloween

Special +

Artistic, Hippie, Rock n’ Roll, Disco

Artistic Hippie Rock n' Roll Disco

More coming soon. And accept my apologize- I know that Santa and baby don’t
really look & feel like butts, but they’re cute anyway. :)

And once again: I know this page is full of coding mistakes (many elements have been abused: tables, inline styles, etc.) Don’t ask me to validate it. I want it to look like this. (Blatant lie, btw).

Donate a butt

You’re free to create your own butt from the scratch, and donate it to me. I
will credit you and of course you’d be the owner of that butt, not me! When
making a butt try to think of an original idea (a profession, music, time
period, a specific character, etc). And if you have an idea on how to make Baby
and Santa more butt-like, I’d be happy to see it.


Butt scratch

Use this form to inform me of butt donation. It would be great if you’d send me the link to your new-created butt and I’ll add it to this page.

If you adopted a butt or two, please let me know so I could visit your site. But of course, you may adopt a butt without a site, that’s given.

And remember: have fun!

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